Get to Know 3 Different Bike Speeds

Many people may not realize that electric bikes have multiple speeds! There are many different electric bikes with varying gears or speeds. In particular, there are single-speed bikes, three-speed bicycles, and a 7 speed bicycle. Different speeds have various benefits and drawbacks. As such, some may be better for you than others.

For example, it may be that a 7 speed bicycle is best for you. To make that decision, though, you need to make sure you know what each different speed offers. Let's look at the selection of bikes you can buy to get an idea of which would be best for you.

Single Speed Bike

Single-speed electric bikes are your slowest model and are built more for comfort than for speed. Manufacturers build these bikes for even paved roads and walkways that offer little resistance or uneven terrain. The low speed of these bikes, unlike 7 gear bikes, is unable to deal with any significant uphill resistance. They can't reach high enough speeds to pull the bike's weight and rider's weight up a steep slope. While these bikes are for comfort, they aren't in any way comfortable on uneven terrain. The frames of these electric bikes aren't built to be jostled or shifted in any way and will quickly become uncomfortable (or even break) if used on awkward surfaces.

Single-speed bikes are olderly friendly . The wide wheelbase and heavyset, sturdy frames of these bikes allow for outstanding stability. These bikes are made for city driving, as roads and sidewalks are the perfect surfaces for a single-speed bike. Anyone with joint pain from walking on hard, paved surfaces would also benefit from these easy single speed bike.

Three Speed Bike

3-speed electric bikes are more versatile and speed than single-speed bikes, but in a 3-speed vs 7-speed bike battle, they aren't as fast or terrain savvy. Effectively, 3-speed bikes are halfway between a single-speed bike and a seven-speed one.

3-speed electric bikes offer a decent speed range, allowing quick, nimble city commuting that you can't get with a single speed. Because of the increased speed, these bikes require a decent level of physical fitness, and riders must handle them with care and safety.

While offering multiple gears and speeds, 3-speed electric bikes offer simple maintenance that allows for easy repairs. Some may be a little apprehensive about keeping a multi-speed bike in good condition, but the care for these bikes is relatively minimal. These are not ultra-complex electric bikes by any means!

The use of these bikes does require an understanding of how to utilize each gear. Therefore, it's essential to research and read up on the gear systems of these bikes before buying or using one. Also, while the maintenance of these bikes is simple , the repair cost will always be higher than a single-speed bike, as the design and parts are more complex.

In terms of terrain, 3-speed electric bikes are great on paved city roads and can also handle elevation changes and uphill/downhill battles thanks to the multi-gear system. Indeed, these bikes cater to young-to-mid-aged riders who can handle higher speeds and more intense terrain than a single speed. Riders need to have a decent fitness level, as more balance is required. Seating is typically in a slightly more forward position.

Seven Speed Bike

The best way to characterize a 3-speed vs. 7-speed bike is that a 7-speed bike is a 3-speed that's just a bit more nuanced and powerful.

A 7-speed electric bike is easily the fastest bike available in the trio. The combination of 7 gears, plus the lightweight design of the frame, allows these bikes to reach road speeds suitable for almost all riding needs. These bikes are highly effective on rides involving long stretches of paved roads and city driving. Indeed, these e-bike are your fastest option for commuting.

The setup of these bikes is entirely for speed. The forward-leaning seats, narrow tires, and lightweight design are all in place with the idea of reaching multiple speeds fluidly. Because of these factors, only high fitness riders should consider riding a 7 gear bike. While they are for various terrains and have increased versatility, the balance and positioning required to use them require a strong rider.

These bikes are perfect for mountain bikers and high-speed riders. They are also great for people with low budgets, as these minimally built bikes are much more affordable. There are so many 7 gear bikes on the market, but Himiway's 7-speed electric bicycles are excellent options for anyone looking into this category of electric bikes.

A 7 Speed Bicycle Is Often the Best Choice for Most Consumers

Manufacturers build each bike with different riders in mind. Some riders may know they are looking at 7 gear bikes, and others may be weighing the options of 3-speed vs. 7-speed bikes. The important thing is to do your research. Make sure you understand your needs and how each bicycle does or does not fit them. You will understand the beauty of 7-speed e-bikes. Also, make sure the bike you're looking at fits your budget. Every bike comes with maintenance costs throughout use, so if just the purchase of the bicycle breaks your bank, it may not be the right choice for you. A high quality e-bike with a reasonable like Himiway can be a great choice.  

With that said, for most consumers, a 7 speed bicycle is probably the best bet. It's relatively affordable and is highly versatile. Riders can enjoy this bike in the mountains, and it is perfect for commuting in urban environments, too. The flexibility and utility of these bikes make them worthwhile investments. Especially, Himiway’s fat tire e-bike can help people with many different situation like snow and sand.

The main thing, of course, is to have fun with whatever electric bike you choose.If you decide correctly, there's a solid chance that you will enjoy this e-bike for many years!

Happy riding!