How to Choose Electric Bike for the Seniors with Arthritis

by Mark Minstrel on Apr 28, 2021

How to Choose Electric Bike for the Seniors with Arthritis
Cycling is a beautiful activity that allows people to combine leisurely outdoor exercise with the added excitement of a fun ride. As seniors and their loved ones look at bikes for them and the best bicycle for bad knees, it becomes evident pretty quickly that electric bikes are the way to go.

Getting outdoor exercise and exposure is essential at any age, and for seniors, it can be crucial for both physical and mental health. Traditional bikes have a way of discouraging seniors from using them due to the stress they can cause on joints (primarily knees and elbows). Electric bikes solve these issues as they allow for a consistent ride without the stress or worry of arthritic pain. To get the maximum benefits, you will need to pick the best electric bike. That will ideally be a bicycle good for knees or one that accommodates any other physical conditions. To help you select the best ride, let's look at what you need to consider when buying an electric bike for an older adult.

Is Cycling Good For Joints?

Yes, absolutely! Cycling is, in essence, a low-impact exercise, as noted by Lauren Shroyer, senior director of product development for the American Council on Exercise. If done safely and with proper technique, cycling can help alleviate joint pain due to the lack of pressure on the joints. If you're looking for the best bike for arthritis, make sure to find one that fits the rider properly so that the bike itself will remove joint pressure, not add to it.

Beyond joint and arthritis pain, cycling is simply good for your health. Lauren Shroyer also notes that cycling can contribute to weight loss. Excess weight can contribute to increased symptoms of inflammatory arthritis. Weight loss will also contribute to a healthy heart and cardiovascular system. Along with cycling, swimming is another excellent exercise that offers the same benefits as cycling, especially for those with arthritis.

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Electric Bike For The Seniors With Arthritis

There are three different bike styles that seniors with arthritis can use. If you're looking for the best bicycle for bad knees, any one of these bikes will do!

Step-Thru Ebike

The step-thru Ebike is an excellent option for dealing with both wrist/elbow and knee/hip arthritis. Designs like the Himiway step-thru electric bicycle are one of the best bikes for arthritis. The style of handle design quite significantly reduces the pressure and strain on the wrist and elbow, which actively alleviates inflammatory arthritis in those areas. Along with that, if the rider deals with arthritis within the hip or knee regions, these bikes allow the rider to travel without pedaling, making it a bicycle good for the knees and hips. If you're facing an uphill section on your trip, allow the electric bike to do the work for you, rather than pushing against gravity and placing unnecessary pressure on your joints.

Cruiser Ebike

Cruiser Ebikes are a great way to take all the pressure off a rider's joints and allow the bike to do all the work. The bike's seat positioning lets the rider sit in a completely upright position. While this may not seem important, it allows the rider (like a senior with arthritis) to sit on the bike without holding any weight on their wrists and elbows, pulling most of the pressure away from the pain points. Bikes like the Himiway Cruiser are perfect if you're looking for this type of sitting position when you are cycling. And with the same accelerator design as the step-thru model, this is, without a doubt, what we would deem a "best bicycle for bad knees." You let the accelerator do the heavy lifting and allow your legs to relax. Indeed, that will help relieve tension and pressure!

How To Choose The Right Ebike For The Seniors With Arthritis

When choosing the best bike for arthritis, there are a few factors to consider.

First, you need to consider the location of the pain. Each person's arthritis is likely to be slightly different and might be in various areas of their body. You want to make sure you're picking an e-bike that will help with your particular pain.

Try choosing a bike that's lower in height and with moderate frame size. You'll want this so that the bike is easier to get on and so that it's easier to control when riding.

Also, do not choose a fast electric bike! The best bicycle for bad knees is one that has multi-speed attachments so that you can always be in control of your ride. More speed equals less ability to control movements. That can be hard on the joints and knees. Instead, you'll want to go slowly to get some exercise without having too much pressure on your joints.

Try to find a model with long battery life. If you get caught on a long ride and the battery dies out, you'll be stuck pedaling for more than your body may be able to handle. Bikes for seniors need to be able to last the entirety of their ride, so they don't find themselves in this situation.

Finally, choose a model with a fat tire. fat tire will add significant stability to the ride. Bikes for seniors should always come with as much comfort and control as possible. Riders need to feel safe if they ever find themselves dealing with less than ideal terrain.

There Are Many Excellent Bikes for Seniors

Ultimately, there are many bikes for seniors. The step-thru, cruiser, and so on are all options you'll want to consider. Each one has its pros and cons for riders, so when you're looking at these bikes, be sure to pick the one that will suit your needs.

Furthermore, when looking at finding the best bike for arthritis, you have to ensure that you're looking at models that deal with the type and location of arthritis that you or your loved one has. Take the time to look into every model to figure out if it is the right one for the problem.

These bikes are fantastic for senior health and allow access to in-city travel. Indeed, electric bikes are the perfect way for older adults to have mobility, fun, and get around town. The fact that they can boost health is a bonus!

Check out a few models and pick the one that will work best for you or your loved one!