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2020 Review: Himiway Cruiser from electricbikereview.com

The first evaluation in the new year of 2020 is a professional evaluation from electricbikereview.com. As we all know, this is a specialized electric bicycle evaluation website. We are honored to get the professional evaluation and YouTube video introduction of the official website of this evaluation agency.


The Himiway Cruiser is an affordable all-purpose electric bike that combines cruiser comfort with off-road capabilities and commuting utility.

With a rear rack and lights included by default and mount points for fenders and a front basket, the Cruiser is great for commuting while also providing a comfortable ride thanks to the upright riding position, fat tires, and a suspension fork with 100mm of travel Driving the Cruiser is a Lüanxing 750-watt hub motor with an impressive 80nm of torque paired with an enormous 840 watt-hour battery to provide plenty of power and range, the electric assistance is activated by the tried-and-true combination of a sealed cadence sensor with a twist throttle.

A nice variety of tools are included, such as a 15 point multi-tool and a floor pump, these are much appreciated not only for the initial setup but also for ongoing maintenance.


The Himiway Cruiser is an ebike designed to handle a little bit of everything, despite the cruiser name it is actually capable of much more with fat tires and a suspension fork adding traction and support for bumpy terrain, commuting is easier thanks to the rear rack and integrated lights, while the upright riding position and soft saddle provide that cruiser ride feel.

Covered by a two-year comprehensive warranty, this is a solid warranty and better than many bikes out there which are only covered for one year.

The fat tires are the capable Kenda Krusades that measures 26" x 4" wide, these provide comfort by absorbing a lot of bumps thanks to the large volume of air, and great traction as well – you can lower the pressure down as far as 5psi for tackling especially bad terrain such as sand, snow, and mud! They also have reflective striping on the sidewalls, a great safety feature that increases your side visibility when riding at night.

I really appreciate the mounting points that Himiway has included here, there are bosses for mounting front and rear fenders as well as a front rack. They also offer full fenders for the Cruiser for $89, they are plastic fenders with stainless steel mounting brackets and should be nice and sturdy thanks to the mounting bosses. Having mounting bosses for the front rack is excellent, they are mounted on the frame which means the basket won't turn side-to-side when you steer.

The bike I tested came with a number of accessories in addition to the aforementioned multi-tool and pump, my favorite is the metal phone mount which is adjustable for a variety of smartphone sizes.

I love the included rear rack, it has a wooden platform deck and is frame mounted so it is very sturdy, this is great for loading up cargo or pannier bags although I did have to get a little creative with the lower hook of my bag as shown in the video review.

The Cruiser also includes an adjustable-length kickstand, it is rear-mounted which prevents the 'pedal lock' that can happen with center-mounted kickstands when the pedals collide with the deployed kickstand. Being mounted in the rear also provides some extra stability if you are carrying a lot of gear on the rear rack.

Himiway Cruiser's review in 2020 from electricbikereview

I love the battery integrated headlight here, it is a generic light with no branding but it is both large and quite bright. The Cruiser also comes with an independent light in the rear, which means that you need to turn it on and off manually as well as changing the three AAA batteries when they run out. Safety has always been a priority for me so it's nice to see that more and more companies are including these on their ebikes.

In the front to help absorb bumps is the suspension fork, this is a generic spring suspension setup but it does include clickers for lockout and preload adjust. I love the 100mm of travel and how good it feels in combination with the fat tires, this setup provides great comfort for both commuting and off-road use.

Mechanically, the bike is operated with a Shimano Altus seven-speed derailleur with a 46 tooth chainring upfront and a 14-28 tooth cassette in the rear. This is a decent setup, Altus is a step up from the lowest-tier Shimano Tourney, and while the range of gears on the cassette is small it is adequate for a mixed-use bike like this. The shifter is the SiS Index thumb shifter, this is a very common and reliable shifter, with the added bonus of being very easy to operate with gloves. I also appreciate the alloy derailleur guard, this protects the derailleur from damage during shipping, maneuvering at a bike rack, or in the event that you tip over – a great addition that is sadly not included on many bikes.

Stopping the bike is a set of Tektro mechanical disc brakes with 180mm rotors in both the front and the rear, mechanical disc brakes keep the overall cost of the bike down as well as being somewhat easier to adjust compared to hydraulic brakes. The brake levers are large four-finger levers, great in this situation because they provide a mechanical advantage to make actuating the brakes easier. These brakes do include motor inhibitors as well, cutting power to the motor immediately when braking.

Driving the bike is a 750-watt planetary geared rear hub motor, a powerful setup that features an impressive 80 newton-meters of torque. The motor performed seamlessly without any red flags or hiccups during my test rides. The motor can be activated by the twist throttle on the right grip, or by pedal assist using the sealed 12-magnet cadence sensor. This is a common setup on more affordably priced Ebikes, I like using the throttle to get going and then relying on pedal-assist after the sensor kicks in.

Powering the Cruiser is a massive 48-volt 17.5 amp-hour battery built with Samsung/LG cells, I would consider this high-capacity and it really is impressive for such a low-cost setup. It is mounted on the downtube which helps keep weight low and centered, and locks in place to prevent tampering.

The backlit grayscale display is large enough to easily read but small enough to stay out of the way, it does a great job of showing all the important information without going overboard. If you want more advanced data such as GPS and fitness tracking you can easily do so on your smartphone thanks to the included phone mount!

First of all, as the evaluation said, this will be the most cost-effective fat tire electric bike because we are a factory-direct sales model, and we have the most professional team and the most considerate service. Of course, we will upload new models in the near future to meet customer needs, and we will also increase offline cycling test points. Trust us, you will have the best products and services.