Himiway Alloy Suspension Shock Absorption System

About the Shock Absorption Function of Himiway Electric Bicycles

We will introduce the basics of an electric bicycle shock absorption system for new Himiway electric bike to buyers or anyone who is considering upgrading. At the same time, we will continue to provide detailed information on how shock absorption works and the research behind it.

Himiway Alloy Suspension Shock Absorption System

What is the function of the shock absorption system?

The bicycle shock absorption system is designed to improve the comfort and handling of the bicycle by dissipating the energy generated by the terrain. However, they may also dissipate the rider's energy through small vibrations (often referred to as "swings") caused by pedal movement.

Research on shock absorption systems

Bicycle suspension provides better control, traction, and comfort on rugged single lanes or potholes. This is one of many factors that will help you enjoy your ride. This phenomenon is a major problem for competitive cyclists who mainly participate in steep hills and rock climbing, such as off-road competitions. It can be assumed that any system that reduces the cyclist's metabolism expenditure will automatically improve performance. A study presents and discusses the most relevant findings, which focus on mechanical stimulation and energy consumption associated with off-road bicycle suspension systems. Studies have shown that the power dissipated by the rider from the shock-absorbing system is small and maybe insignificant on most terrain.

What are the benefits of a shock absorption system?

Having a shock absorption system makes it easier to ride. Even those who are new to mountain biking will be able to walk where they can't ride without hanging or piercing indestructible places. The latter has a front suspension for a smooth ride and extra control, while front and rear shock absorption makes the bike twice as light and can be used on almost any terrain.

It makes riding more comfortable and efficient. Rocks, tree roots, potholes, and bumps are absorbed by rear shocks, not by the body, back, and buttocks. This means you are less tired and can ride more efficiently, traveling for long distances and at a faster pace. Make it so you have better traction while riding. As the rear end of the suspension bike moves over obstacles, the rear wheels remain stuck to the ground. Therefore, traction is superior to a rougher road surface than a flat surface.

Have more control. Because your wheels move up and down, the suspension bike stays in contact with the ground for excellent control and confidence. In contrast, on a bike without a shock absorption system, the rear end of the bike bounces over rugged terrain, losing your contact with the ground and reducing control.

Conversion is more flexible. The shock absorber keeps the wheels in contact with the ground, so you never lose traction. Also, you usually experience braking bumps before the corners are absorbed, so you can get to the turn faster and maintain the best course.

If you decide to choose a himiway all-terrain electric bicycle, you should try our shock absorption system. Of course, our best characteristic is our long battery life and strong climbing power.