Battery Correct Installation-bike battery charger

HIMIWAY Battery Correct Installation and Removal Steps

Recently, many fans of himiway have not installed the battery correctly after receiving the bike, so here is a detailed battery installation tutorial based on your questions.

Himiway Battery Correct Installation

Remove the battery

In the first step, insert the key into the keyhole. Next, hold the battery case with your left hand and turn the key clockwise with your right hand until clearly seeing the battery leave the frame. Thirdly, slowly remove the battery with your left hand to prevent the battery from dropping suddenly. If you drop the battery you will damage it, as shown below:

Himiway Electric Bike Battery


Install the battery

The first step is to determine the installation direction. Install from left to right. The hole on the frame has a raised portion, and the bottom of the battery box has a recessed piece. Align the two. The second step is to slowly align the holes on the bottom of the battery with the socket, like a charger. In the third step, squeeze the upper left from left to right, and hear the crisp sound of "ka" from the keychain, indicating that the battery installation is complete.

After the installation is completed, check whether the battery is fully installed, and then turn on the power to see if the meter shows that it is determined that there is no problem with the power supply.

The battery is one of the core parts of our electric bicycles, so everyone must pay attention to maintenance and proper use. Finally, after the installation is complete, you can start the long-awaited cycling trip.