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5 Top Summer Activities with Electric Bike

For those of you located in the Northern Hemisphere, summer is now in full swing and there are many options from which you can choose to take advantage of the warm weather. One option highly worth considering is doing an outdoor activity with your electric bike. Whether by yourself or with friends and family, summer is the most comfortable time to get outside and ride your e-bike. In addition to being a great way to spend time outdoors and have some fun, you can choose from a bunch of different activities to increase the variety of your experiences this summer.


You will definitely want to check out our list of things to remember on a trip with an electric bike if you are putting together a cycling vacation. But not every activity requires lots of planning. Some activities can be done in a single day or even a couple of hours and still provide you lots of enjoyment. Below we will list the top 5 summer e-bike activities. With so many options available, there is bound to be something to excite you or your friends and family this summer.

Family Biking Vacations

With kids out of school and itching for something to do, you’re probably interested in getting them outdoors and moving. If you’re looking for a truly memorable and healthy vacation, consider doing a family biking trip. You and your partner can check out a bike tour with amazing views and stunning locations to photograph. If you have children, you could take your kids to a nearby resort or park to explore from your electric bikes. You can even take a toddler by adding a rear child seat to your e-bike. They’ll be tuckered out from all the fresh air and exercise which will allow you the peace and quiet to enjoy your vacation time! Plus, the kids will like seeing something new from the vantage point of their bikes. They won’t be asking “Are we there yet?” because they will be asking “Can we ride longer?”.


Maybe you’ll choose to go to a local park near your hometown, or maybe you’ll choose a national park across the country. Wherever you go, there is fun to be had when you choose to make your next vacation a family biking vacation!


For a different kind of adventure, bike camping is a brilliant idea. You can ride to the campsite, or go further in a car and take your e-bike on the trip and unload it when you arrive at the campsite. You might remember the smell of a campfire, children laughing, roasting hot dogs over an open fire, and of course, making s’mores! All of these are the perfect complement to any camping trip made possible or improved by the addition of your e-bike.


There are always sights to see near campgrounds and parks. Cruise around the park in style while getting whatever level of workout you choose. Even if it rains or snows unexpectedly on your camping trip, your big wheel bike will just work fine, although you will want to get back to your tent or RV to get out of the rain and stay dry!


Remember to always follow local guidelines to ensure the safety of you and your loved ones during any adventure into nature. Bring plenty of water, food, and emergency supplies to ensure that your camping trip is a success. Don’t forget the bug spray and sunscreen!

Local Farmer’s Market

One of the best parts about summer is journeying to the local farmer’s markets in your city each week. It may sound difficult to get the energy to venture out on a weekend morning, but by using your e-bike, you can turn a trip to the farmer’s market into an enjoyable summer bike ride too. With tons of helpful accessories available such as baskets and bags, it’s never been easier or more convenient to pick up lots of items on your summer bike ride to the market.


Just imagine all the fresh fruits and veggies you can bring home using your e-bike. You may even find cute arts and crafts or catch up with your neighbors and friends with a coffee as you stroll past the merchants. Take a leisurely ride to the market and start your weekend off right with a whole bunch of fresh produce and fruits to stock your pantry with.  


Once you are home, you can whip up one of your favorite recipes with the satisfaction that you supported local farmers in your area and were able to use your e-bike at the same time. Combining two healthy lifestyle activities has never been this fun!

Music Festivals

Maybe visiting a local farmer’s market isn’t your cup of tea. Perhaps a nearby music festival sparks your interest more. Checking out a music festival is a perfect way to unwind, dance, or just sit back and listen to some tunes. Whether you are looking for smooth jazz or rock ‘n’ roll, you know there will be crowds. Take the stress out of your concert-going experience by taking your electric bike instead of your car. While everyone else is arriving late or leaving early to avoid the traffic, you can rest easy and enjoy all the music knowing that you have an alternate mode of transportation.


Last, but certainly not least, on our list of the best summer e-bike activities is going on a picnic. Nothing says summer more than a picnic basket, cool drink, and big blanket laid out on the grass. Enjoy the beauty of nature by listening to the sights and sounds of birds chirping and cute critters running around interested in your picnic foods!


The best part is you can pack a full basket and not feel overburdened as you ride to your picnic destination. Make it a romantic date or bring the kids along for a unique way to spend an afternoon or evening in the warm weather.


There is still plenty of time left to enjoy summer and get outdoors. And with these summer bike ride ideas, you can choose one or all of them to get the most out of your e-bike. No matter which e-bike activity you choose, save time and do more of what you love by choosing an electric bike to get to and from your biking destination.