recommend Lanes Trips in California

Recommended Bike Trips in California

We have introduced the recommended cycling routes in California before, and today we want to share other beautiful bike lanes in California.

American River Bike Trail (Jedediah Smith Memorial Trail)

START: Discovery Park
END: Beers Point
Mileage: 32 miles
Recommended index: ★★★★★
Riding difficulty: ★★

The Jedediah Smith Memorial Trail (or American River Bike Trail) located between the confluence of the Sacramento River with the American River, just north of downtown Sacramento, California, and Beal's Point at Folsom Lake, north of Folsom. This trail is considered to be one of the longest bicycle trails in the United States. It is a huge recreation area and an artery for people to commute.①

Himiway Electric Bike Recommended Jedediah Smith Memorial Trail Map







American River Bike Trail starts at Discovery Park, from the American River Parkway through Folsom State Recreation Area, and ends at Beers Point. And it can be accessed from most of the American River Parkway and Folsom's parks, including Discovery Park,Howe Avenue River Access, Paradise Beach, and so on.

Recommended reasons:

1) Definitely suitable for the range of Himiway Electric Fat Bike

The total length of the road is 32 miles, and our bicycle battery has a battery life of 35 to 60 miles per charge, so as long as you are not using the battery all the time, the battery life is completely sufficient after fully charged.

2) This road is smooth and convenient.

With painted mile markers along the way, you can see how many miles you have ridden. There are also trail maps along the way, you can check the route so that you will not get lost. And the facilities on the way are also very complete, with public telephone booths, toilets, etc. to solve your urgent needs. You don't need to worry about eating, there are many places to eat, you can sit down and rest and enjoy delicious food.

3) Many free and open scenic spots along the way.

For example, The recreational areas of Discovery Park, Sutter's Landing Park, and Folsom Lake. Only a few need to pay, such as William B. Pond Recreation Area, there are many venues for rent, the average price of venues is around $125. When you and your friends are tired of cycling, you can choose to rent a small pavilion here for a barbecue.

Himiway Electric Bike Recommended American River Bike Trail Scenery


El Dorado Trail

START: Camino west
END: Between El Dorado and Sacramento counties, south of Folsom
Mileage: 35 miles
Recommended index: ★★★★
Riding difficulty: ★★★

Located in California's famous El Dorado County that once caused the gold rush, it starts at Camino west, 35 miles after extension, and ends at the line between El Dorado and Sacramento Counties. The route follows two previous rail lines, the South Pacific Railroad and the Michigan-California Railroad. Riding here will make you feel the age of history.

Himiway Electric Bike Recommended El Dorado Trail Map






The trail is divided into two parts. The section between Camino and Placerville is east. This section is 8.5 miles long. The trail winds through the foothills of the Sierra Nevada, and this section has been completely paved. Well, you can easily ride here and enjoy the leisure of the holiday. But the remaining part is challenging. The western section has a monorail cross-country road, which is most suitable for riding all-terrain mountain bikes just like Himiway electric fat bike. It is also a good place for hiking and equestrian enthusiasts. In addition, gravel is placed on a small part of the western section, so that cyclists can experience the excitement of cycling.

There are many parking spaces along the road. The resting place is in Shingle Springs. Near Mother Lode Drive has convenient facilities, and there are several good restaurants. There are restrooms and rest areas in Bradford Park, and a non-open-air picnic area.

Recommended reason:

1) Both of flat and steep sections.

It's very suitable for your Himiway all-terrain mountain bike. Long enough mileage is a good choice for people who like to exercise, but don't forget to fully charge your Himiway before you go, or bring a spare battery.

2) Convenient service facilities

3) Unique style and beautiful scenery

Himiway Electric Bike Recommended El Dorado Trail Scenery

Parking locations:

East of the trail
1.The Camelia Lane Trailhead near the intersection of Jacquier Road and Camelia Lane.
2.The intersection of Mosquito Road and Clay Road. Restrooms are also available in the building.
3.The Missouri Flat Road Trailhead, just past Walmart. West of the trail
1.The end of Oriental Street at the El Dorado Community Hall (6139 Pleasant Valley Rd.).
2.Bradford Park (4300 Motherlode Drive).①

Reference: ①TrailLink

Bizz Johnson National Recreation Trail

START: Westwood
END: Susanville
Mileage: 25 miles
Recommended index: ★★★★★
Riding difficulty: ★★★

The Bizz Johnson Trail runs along an old Fernley and Lassen railway route between Westwood and Susanville in Lassen County. The landforms along the way are covered with plateaus and canyons, with a total length of 25 miles.
The terrain of this trail is dominated by flat and gentle slopes. Within 4.5 miles of your start, you will see dense forests that surround you. For the rest of the road, along the Susan River Gorge, you will Go through 12 bridges and 2 tunnels. The combination of the canyon and forest landscape makes cyclists feel shocked.

Himiway Electric Bike Recommended Bizz Johnson National Recreation Trail Map





In spring and early summer, you can ride your Himiway to go fishing along the Susan River, just as comfortable as the people in the picture on the Himiway website. Of course, the Lassen Land and Trails Trust's annual Rails to Trails Festival in October is also worth a visit. Activities include live music performances and cycling competitions. The funds raised by the festival will be used to build trails.

Recommended reasons:

1) The trail mileage is 25 miles, which is relatively short.

2) There is unique landscapes, combining the canyon and the forest.

3) You can ride your Himiway to participate in the rider race.

Himiway Electric Bike Recommended Bizz Johnson National Recreation Trail Scenery
Parking and Trail Access

There is ample parking at the Mason Station and the Susanville Railroad Depot Trailhead Visitor Center.①


We also have recommended routes for other states, such as Los Angeles, Texas, and Florida.

Tips for Riders:

1) Wear a helmet.

2) Keep an eye on your display, where it shows everything you need.

3) Find the parking in advance.

4) Make a detailed plan for your trip.

5) Take a tool and extra parts with you just in case.

6) Feel free to ask Himiway Customer Service Team for help.