How to Prepare for World Bicycle Day

How to Prepare for World Bicycle Day

The United Nations will celebrate World Bicycle Day on June 3 once again this year, drawing attention to Planet Earth’s most popular—walking aside—mode of transportation. Cycling benefits riders and communities alike. Each day, millions enjoy biking to work, biking to school, or simply biking for pleasure. And while it provides amazing physical and mental health benefits to cyclists, it’s also environmentally friendly.


For these and many other reasons, it’s time to celebrate World Bicycle Day!

What is World Bicycle Day?

In April 2018, the United Nations General Assembly declared June 3 as World Bicycle Day to recognize “the uniqueness, longevity and versatility of the bicycle, which has been in use for two centuries.” Cycling, the U.N. stated, is an affordable, reliable, clean, and environmentally fit sustainable means of transportation.

We’re on board with that.


Further, the United Nations also pointed out that the mobility needs of people who cycle are often overlooked, even though the benefits of investing in cyclists can save lives, help protect the environment and support poverty reduction. And as the World Health Organization notes, bicycling provides significant health benefits for people of all ages.


We’re definitely ready to celebrate World Bicycle Day. The only remaining question is: HOW?

5 Ways to Prepare to Celebrate World Bicycle Day

If you want to celebrate World Bicycle Day this year, here are five easy tips to help you prepare.

1. Buy a Bike

Okay, so this seems pretty obvious—it’s a LOT easier to celebrate World Bicycle Day with a bike! It’s generally estimated there are about 1 billion bicycles in the world (although no one knows for sure), but if you don’t somehow own one—or if you’re ready to upgrade to an electric bike—there are many great options available.


No mode of transportation offers more flexibility than the electric bike. E-bikes come in a multitude of makes, models, and styles. There are cruiser, hybrid, and step-thru styles. Himiwaey E-Bike also has few opinion like Moped- style E-Bike, Cruiser, Step Thru E-bike. There most likely have one type of bike you may like!

2. Improve Your Stamina

You may not want to wait until June 3 to begin an exercise routine. With any physical activity, even a moderate one like cycling, it's important to begin slowly to build stamina, strength, and endurance. Begin with short rides near your home before taking on more strenuous activities like biking to work.


In any case, you should ensure that the exercise routine you are adopting matches your goals and lifestyle—for World Bicycle Day and beyond. That is where cycling for exercise comes in: the health benefits of cycling are numerous, and cycling is an outstanding way to capitalize on the importance of exercise.

3. Join a Biking Network

Each day, more and more people are exploring green ways, bike lanes, and dedicated bike trails in communities around the globe. Join a biking network or local cycling group is an excellent way to meet other people who share your passion for cycling. And you're likely to share other common interests.


Group rides are also an effective way to remain disciplined and stay motivated in your efforts to make cycling a regular part of your exercise regimen. There are hundreds on online forums, including social media pages, and mobile apps dedicated to helping connect cyclists—check them out today!

4. Proper Bike Maintenance

Cycling benefits riders of all levels of ability—but only if your bike is operational. Without proper maintenance, cyclists quickly become pedestrians. And while walking also offers many great health benefits, it isn’t NEARLY as fun—or fast!


There are a few basic items to review before each and every bike ride. First, check your tires for proper inflation and inspect for cuts or wear. Check your brakes by grabbing each brake lever individually and pulling it tightly while trying to roll the bike forward. Just as importantly, but sure your helmet and any other safety equipment fits properly and is in good condition.


If you own an electric bike, proper maintenance is essential. We’ve put together several articles to help you keep your e-bike in proper running condition. When it comes to the Himiway Electric Fat Tire Bike, for example, it’s important to monitor and maintain the condition of the battery, motor, chain, and front fork; the article to show you how keep it in tip-top shape.

5. Celebrate World Bicycle Day

It’s not too early to begin making plans for June 3 (you may want to mark it on your calendar now!) You’ve got your bike, kept it in good shape, gotten YOURSELF in good shape, and maybe even joined a biking network—you’re truly ready to celebrate World Bicycle Day. So get out there and ride!


For many reasons, it’s important to celebrate World Bicycle Day. It draws attention to the many cycling benefits, including the health benefits, riders receive. It also spotlights the environmental and community benefits cycling delivers.


The United Nations is thrilled and excited that the annual celebration now takes place across a global stage. It’s not unusual for hundreds, if not thousands, of riders to gather for cycling events to commemorate the day.


But—in keeping with the spirit of cycling itself—World Bicycle Day can also be a quiet, private affair. How you choose to honor the occasion is a personal decision. You may decide biking to work, or perhaps connecting with friends for a leisurely neighborhood ride, is the best and most appropriate way for you to celebrate.

In the end, what’s most important is to find a way to celebrate what cycling means to you.