Tips of riding Ebikes during COVID

How to Stay Safe When Riding E-Bikes During Coronavirus

The hottest topic at the moment is the coronavirus. According to statistics, the number of infections in the United States is about 9 million, and the death cases exceeded 200,000. Therefore, it is particularly important to ensure your safety during COVID-19. In addition to paying attention to social distance and wearing masks, riding an electric bicycle during the epidemic is also a good choice to stay healthy. So how to ride an electric bike during the pandemic? Here are some tips.

inforgraphic-how to stay safe during covid-19


 1.Avoid Popular Beauty Spots

Most people usually like to go to beautiful scenic spots for seeing fantastic scenery is a pleasant thing. But what we have to say is that it is very dangerous to go to crowded places during COVID-19. Coronavirus is easy to spread among people, and for safety reasons as well as in response to government policies, many scenic spots are off-limits and temporarily closed to the public. On the other hand, human beings cannot be immune against corona according to the newest research.

At this time, even riding an electric bicycle to these sites is not a wise choice. Besides, crowded places are not conducive to cycling, and safety accidents may occur. Therefore, for your safety, please try not to ride your bike to noisy places during the epidemic.


 2.Riding near your place of residence

In addition to avoiding crowded places, we also recommend cycling near your home. Virus now exists on a global scale. The smaller your riding range and the fewer people you touch, the safer you will be. Only in this way can you minimize your contact with the crowd, thereby reducing the risk of getting infected. This is not only responsible for yourself, but also a manifestation of a sense of responsibility to your family, friends, even neighborhood.


3. Maintain Good Cycling Hygiene

Now we have come to the most important point: take preventive measures and pay attention to personal hygiene during your bike trip. Make adequate preparations before riding, be sure to wear masks and gloves, and prepare paper towels and disinfectant for some needs. Paper towels can be used to wipe sweat when you are sweating. Please do not touch your face directly with your hands. This may bring the coronavirus into your body. After touching other things, remember to use a disinfectant to clean your hands. Also, please never spit anywhere while riding, the saliva will spread in the air, and maybe contaminated by the virus and then enter the internal body of nearby people through their eyes, nose, and mouth, which will cause danger to people around you. If you are riding with your family or friends, you should pay attention to maintaining social distancing. The social distancing should be kept 6 feet at least, as we mentioned about the reason why you need an e-bike during COVID-19.


 4. Avoid Riding in Groups

Although riding with friends is a great joy in life, personal safety should be the top priority during this special period. Cycling in groups may increase the risk of contracting the coronavirus. Therefore, please try to keep your cycling team to less than 3 people, and preferably someone you trust. Of course, this depends on the level of transmission in your local community and whether the epidemic prevention measures are strong enough. According to reports, the asymptomatic spreading has occurred in many areas, which means that you may be infected by others inadvertently, or you may infect others unintentionally. So group riding with less than three people is recommended.


5. Follow the New Riding Guidelines by Government

What else you need to pay attention to is the latest E-bike policy of your country and the local area. Various regions will adjust the policy according to different local coronavirus transmission situations, so you need to note the changes in the rules at any time. For example, this rule applies to most states: Do not ride your eMTB in areas where the local rules are unclear. Ride legally and only on authorized trails to show that mountain bikers are responsible trail users. When in doubt, ask your local land manager about access to specific trails. Local land rules change frequently. If you are interested in more riding policies in the U.S., you can check out our previous article.


After you read this article, we suggest you’d better ride E-bikes for commuting or other purposes during the coronavirus, and hope everyone can stay safe when riding. We believe that after accomplishing the above points: avoiding popular attractions, reducing contact with the crowd, maintaining good cycling hygiene, and following local traffic rules, every member of our Himi family can have a healthy body. That's all about how to stay safe when riding E-bikes during coronavirus. Please keep a close eye on Himiway website, as we will share various practical tips and useful information about riding from time to time.