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How to Choose the Right Cycling Shoes

Although electric bikes might be currently very popular and trending and they can be ridden with any type of shoes, when it comes to cycling, you will definitely need cycling shoes. What many people fail no notice is that the cycling gear is designed specifically for cycling purposes, and that does include the cycling shoes too. Cycling shoes, as uninteresting they might sound, are designed specifically for cycling, because they have one great benefit and that is getting twice the result with half the effort.


Cycling is not the same when it is done in some regular shoes and specialized cycling shoes. The two main reasons why cycling shoes are a good idea are efficiency and comfort. Riding is a physical process where the entire body is activated. The body and the bike are working together so that you can reach a certain place or destination. The weak point in that process happens between the pedal and the shoe. If the shoe is not fit for the cycling activity, you will end up losing energy. With the right type of sole, that power will be transferred onto the bike chain, and the entire process will run much smoother and better. Additionally, cycling shoes are much more comfortable for longer rides than regular shoes. Since some of them are not designed for walking, they will support your feet into moving differently, activating a different group of muscles.


That is why the market today offers an abundance of cycling shoes and one can easily decide between mountain bike shoes, bike shoes, and cycling shoes. What makes cycling shoes different from other athletic shoes is that they are designed with stiffer soles. This is because the stiffer soles transfer the energy more efficiently as you pedal. However, there is a difference between each type of cycling shoe, and here is everything you need to know that will help you choose the right cycling pair.


Road cycling shoes


The road cycling shoes are designed with the stiffest soles from the other types of cycling shoes. The stiff sole is usually made of plastic or carbon, with a special accent on providing maximum rigidity. The rigidity offers the cyclist to cycle more efficiently and transfers power. This model uses three-hole protruding cleats that are connecting the shoe to the clipless pedals. Designed as such, they have little tread and are not designed for extended walking. That is why they are no the best choice among the cyclists who are looking to achieve maximum pedaling efficiency.


Compared to the other types of cycling shoes, the road cycling shoes are not very versatile and their design makes them suitable only for cycling and nothing more. They are also very light compared to mountain bike shoes for example. If you are riding an electric bike, then, these shoes are also a great option since they have a pedaling option too.


Mountain bike shoes


As mentioned above, mountain bike shoes are quite different from road cycling shoes. First of all, they are designed to be more flexible and to provide the rider or the cyclist with more versatility while cycling. What can be instantly noticed about the mountain bike shoes is that they are similar in the look with the hiking shoes, but, if you look better, you will see the wonderful mixture between hiking and cycling shoes. Of course, that is because they are intended for both activities.

Mountain bike shoes have grip soles. That is because of the need for added traction on rugged trails. There are two types of mountain bike shoes. The first one is the shoes that clip into clipless pedals and the other that work with flat pedals. The ones that clip into clipless pedals have two-hole cleats that are recessed into the sole. This makes walking easier. The other type has a sticky rubber, but no cleats. For getting the best results and experience in cycling, the shoes must match the correct type of pedal so that you can see their benefit.

City bike shoes

The city bike shoes are almost completely different from road cycling and mountain bike shoes. For the city bike cyclist, their type and length of a commute are relatively short. In that case, they do not need the efficiency that the clipless shoe provides. Instead, they can commute on flat pedals. For these types of cyclists, the market offers an abundance of options, all with a different style. However, what is the same for all of them is the grippy rubber sole and cycling fit. Compared to the other types of shoes, the city bike shoes look stylish and classy so that they can even be worn in the office.

The city bike shoes are made and efficient for both cycling and walking, and they are very comfortable too. Many would characterize them as a true mix of cycling shoes and casual shoes.

If you are a regular cyclist and you want to make the best out of every cycling ride, you would need to invest in cycling shoes. Depending on the cycling activity that you are doing, it is important to find the right type of cycling shoes. As mentioned above, each type of cycling shoe offers different properties and benefits, so it is important to carefully pick the one that you will benefit from it the most. Before choosing the cycling shoes and getting yourself a pair, think well and research how does your cycling routine looks like. Does that include some walking or not? Do you have an electric bike or a traditional one? The answers to these questions will lead you to choose the right type of cycling shoes.