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Top 5 Electric Bike Gift Ideas for Mother's Day

 As springtime blooms and we emerge from the cold of winter, yet another Mother’s Day is soon to arrive. With the coming beautiful May weather, this is the perfect time to give that mom in your life something that will allow her to get some outside activities like spring cycling to enjoy the sunshine. Especially now, as we emerge from a pandemic, setting aside some time to bike is the perfect pastime. That is why bike-themed gifts and cycling gifts for mom this year will surely be winners.

Buying the perfect Mother’s Day gift for your mom does not have to be a challenge. If your mother loves outdoor sports, especially cycling, then there are some bike-themed gifts that you should keep your eye on. Express your love this Mother’s Day with a new electric bike for mom or some new bike accessory gifts. For the perfect cycling gift for your mom, look no further than these five special items.

1. Electric Bike Helmet

Let’s begin with an essential item for any cyclist, whether devout or just recreational: a new electric bike helmet. As the popularity of electric bikes surges across the country, it is important that the emphasis on safe riding also takes precedence. And, as the saying goes, mothers know best—which means they would be the first to tell you that safety comes first.

Electric bike helmets are great bike accessory gifts because, simply, they are the most important bicycle accessory. To protect your mom while she rides, a new electric bike helmet is one of the best bike-themed gifts you could buy her. But that doesn’t mean just any electric bike helmet will do—not at all! For moms who like to ride, you need to choose a helmet that is safe, comfortable, and beautiful. Our personal recommendation that hits all three of those important features is this electric bike helmet from Himiway Bikes. Available in black, white, and blue, this high-quality electric bike helmet comes equipped with a headlight for nighttime riding and also offers unmatched safety and comfort.

2. Front-Mounted Basket

Another cycling gift for mom that will surely excite her this Mother’s Day is a new front-mounted basket. These front-mounted baskets are particularly useful for people who regularly commute or use their bikes to transport items, such as when shopping. Rather than wearing a backpack or other type of bag while trying to ride, front-mounted baskets provide convenient places to stores items while also allowing you to keep a watchful eye on them as you ride so that you know all of your things are secure.

The problem with many electric bikes, of course, is that they are not naturally equipped with front-mounted baskets. This makes these baskets a practical bike-themed gift for your mom this Mother’s Day, and likely something she has never owned. What makes this gift even better is that front-mounted baskets are seamless additions to electric bikes, matching perfectly. We recommend this high-quality front-mounted electric bike basket from Himiway Bikes to help your mother ride more comfortably with all of her possessions safely stowed in front of her.

3. Cycling Skort

For moms who love to maintain high-quality style while riding, a new cycling skort is the perfect bike-themed Mother’s Day gift. Graceful postures can be difficult to maintain while riding a bike, but fortunately cycling skorts are made especially for women who want the look of a skirt and the comfort of shorts while riding.

To buy your mother the cycling skort with the ultimate comfort, ensure that it has trouser lining inside. This will not only increase the comfort level but also make the cycling skort last longer and be a more convenient clothing option for riding. Ultimately, the reason a cycling skort is a great cycling gift for mom is that they come in soft, anti-friction, and sweat-absorbing materials that ensure she will be comfy and dry for the entire duration of her ride, whether it is down the street or a multi-mile route.

4. GPS Smartwatch for Cycling

The top cycling gifts for mom change depending on what type of biker your mother is. For moms who love riding long distances, a new GPS smartwatch for cycling is one of the best bike accessory gifts you can buy. The development of smartwatches has changed the way people function, making the world a safer and healthier place. But they have also made life much easier.

For cycling—an activity where pulling out a cell phone can be extremely difficult and particularly dangerous at times—a GPS smartwatch gives you the ability to continue connecting with the rest of the world much more safely. These devices can easily field calls and text messages without needing a phone in your hand. However, cyclists in particular will benefit from the GPS function on these smartwatches. Especially for middle-aged and elderly cyclists, a smartwatch with GPS can help you better understand your riding history and patterns, help plan your upcoming route, guide your riding exercise, and monitor your body in real-time. Having heart rate and blood oxygen level data can help riders know how physically fit they are and determine the riding difficulty levels that they can handle.

If your mother likes to ride long distances, a GPS smartwatch with long battery life and a breathable watch strap is an exceptional bike accessory gift for Mother’s Day.

5. Bike Shoes

While runners always seem to put an emphasis on quality shoes, this is an area of biking that too many cyclists overlook. The fact is that bike shoes are not only essential to performing your best, but they also make great cycling gifts for moms who can surely upgrade what’s on their feet when they ride. While riding, your legs and feet take the vast majority of the force, so a pair of comfortable riding shoes is essential. Some of the most important aspects of quality biking shoes are style, comfort, breathability, and sweat absorption. For your bike shoes gift this Mother’s Day, consider reputable brands such as Shimano, Fizik, or Specialized.

Ultimately, the type of cyclist that your mom is will help determine the best cycling gifts to buy her for Mother’s Day. These are five bike-themed gift ideas that will surely work for any mom who loves to ride.

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