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Can Electric Bikes Replace Traditional Bikes?

Traditional bicycles have been around for a century, but electric bicycles have been like a black horse for only about the past ten years. They have not only replaced traditional bicycles, but are also gradually changing the way all people travel.

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Research shows that electric bicycles are more popular than bicycles.

In 2016, the European Journal of Applied Physiology published the results of a small study at the University of Colorado Boulder University, which showed real-world use of electric bikes within a month of commuting. Twenty sedentary subjects were found and they chose a speed that suited them to cycle for at least two hours a week. Researchers have observed significant improvements in objective health indicators such as blood pressure and glucose tolerance. They also voluntarily participated in doubling the cycling activity: an average of four hours per week, and in a one-month study, each participant exceeded 150 miles. After finishing the experiment, they found that they think that riding electric bicycles is more fun than riding just regular bicycles.

In addition, the 2018 survey by the National Transportation and Community Portland State University consulted nearly 2,000 North American drivers, mostly office workers, who recently purchased electric bikes. About 30% of respondents use traditional bicycles every day, but when they switched to electric bicycles, the situation changed dramatically. 7% of the respondents did not even own a traditional bicycle before buying an electric bicycle, and about 93% of the participants rode their electric bicycle at least 3-4 times a week.

When asked why they changed, the conclusion was that it was too difficult to bike uphill, their desired destinations were too far, and reaching their desired destinations was too tiring every time. These are all the ways that electric bicycles can help.

In June of this year, a large-scale survey published in the Interdisciplinary Perspective of Transportation. The research found that electric bike riders have better levels of health than traditional cyclists, partly because electric bike riders travel significantly longer. In addition, the riding time is longer, which significantly improves the physical condition of a person.

Electric bikes are not only replacing bicycles, but they are also replacing cars.

According to 16 earlier studies surveyed, the use of electric bicycles has greatly reduced car travel, which accounts for 30% to 70% of travel. And another conclusion shows that within ten miles of their home, cyclists prefer to ride rather than drive because parking spaces are difficult to find and the costs are driving a car are much higher.

In 2017, a study in the Transport Study found that electric bike owners in the Netherlands are using electric assist modes instead of traditional bicycles, but the result of this is fewer trips needed. People, there are more willing to commute to work by electric bicycles than traditional bicycles. The number of users of electric bikes across Europe is also increasing.

Why do they prefer electric bikes over other modes of transportation?

According to the conclusions of the above studies, compared with traditional bicycles, electric bicycles have sufficient power and long battery life. Users can switch the riding mode at their own will. Riding is for fitness, but assisted riding can better relieve fatigue, and electric riding speeds up the driving process, which is undoubtedly the best choice for daily commuting. For cars, congestion during the daily peak hours, expensive parking fees and monthly fuel costs are not a small expense. Electric bicycles can meet cyclist's basic needs and save unnecessary expenses.

So more and more users are starting to own their own e-bikes, and traditional ones are switching over. Soon all car users will also need their own e-bikes!