Commute by long range electric bike

Best transportation for retired people during the summertime

Aging is a natural process. As people age, they find it harder and harder to move around and even travel. Commuting from one place to another can be challenging if they do not have the right transportation. However, if COVID19 taught us all something, is that staying active and on the move greatly contributes to better health, posture, and strength of the immune system. And while driving and getting on the bus might be not so great ideas, the older people today have the opportunity to stay mobile with a choice like fat tire electric bike, e-bike for seniors, and electric beach cruiser.


What is a fat tires bike?


As the name suggests itself, the fat tires bike is a bike, that comes with different tires than the regular bike. Generally, it is considered as an off-road bike with larger than average tires. These tires are usually larger, and someone might say that they look even funny. What makes these bikes so popular is that the tires are not fully inflated, and they deliver better traction and better navigation.


For elderly people, this is the type of bike that holds a lot of different benefits. It has better and greater balance than most other bikes, and they are great for burning a large number of calories in a short period. Not only they are a fun and efficient way to stay in shape, but they are also a great transportation option. Due to its rugged nature, the fat tires bike allows easy movement on all different kinds of surfaces, at all weather conditions.


During the summertime, elderly people can enjoy riding a fat tires bike without the fear of losing traction and sliding out of control. Not only this bike is the perfect solution for the elder people who need to keep and practice their motor functions, but they are a super Eco-friendly choice and prevent the air and nature from further pollution.


The All-Terrain Electric Fat Bike is the most proper and suitable choice if you are looking to get easy movement through the streets during the summertime, stay healthy and active, and get places fast and safe.


Ebikes – safe choice for seniors


Many people have a different image of electric bikes. They think that they are the same as scooters or electric motorcycles, but they are not. The electric bike is a regular bike, but if you add few components to it, it becomes an electric bike.

Electric bikes are also known as e-bikes. They are conventional bicycles, with a rechargeable battery and a motor that helps to move around, especially taking the effort out of pedaling.


The pedal and the handles of the electric bike look just as same as the ones of the regular bike. They pretty much have the same components, with the main distinction of having an electric one too. This electric part is meant to augment human power, not completely replace it. With the electric bike, some obstacles like hills and headwinds became more manageable and allow the rider to travel further without getting very tired. This is especially very beneficial for the elderlies, who are willing to stay in shape but need some additional help in form of power to help them move around more easily.


The electric power of the e-bike can be compared and understood like a horsepower of a car. If it has a higher rating, that will mean that the bike will be able to pull more weight with greater ease. However, this will use more battery and drain it faster. Additionally, the design and the location of the motor play a great role in how the electric bike will work. The most common motor type for electric bikes is called a hub motor. It is integrated into the rear front wheel. When engaged, it pulls or pushes the wheel along.


The e-bikes are very easy to operate, especially for seniors. They are a great option for going longer distances and still staying healthy and in shape. And the best thing comes from the possibility to operate it at three different levels:

1. Pedal Only – with this option, the e-bike will work as a regular one. There is no extra resistance created by the motor and it will feel exactly like a regular bicycle.

2. Pedal-Assist / Electric-Assist – with this mode, the rider can take advantage of the combination of human power and electric power. The power will be produced as you pedal, and the riding will be effortless and very enjoyable

3. Electric-Only – this is the mode when no human power is needed, and the motor does the entire work.


    According to needs and preferences, the collection of E-bikes that you can find on Himiway is pretty exquisite. The design and the functionality come together, providing the best and most convenient e-bike for seniors.


    What are the health benefits of seniors using electric bikes?


    There are many great health benefits for the seniors opting for an electric bike. Not only they are great for the summertime, but they can be used throughout the entire year. The biggest health benefits can be seen as:


    - Endurance improvement and heart health – e-bikes improve endurance, particularly the pedals that are supplemented with power. Over time, the rides will become longer and easier, and heart health comes as one of the most long-term benefits of cycling.


    - Building muscle – the combination of pedaling and electric stimulus helps in building muscle, which is very important for elderly people.


    - Reducing stress – cycling is an outdoor activity that eliminates and reduces stress.


    - Helps in losing weight – riding an e-bike is an excellent way of regular exercising which can lead to losing weight.


    - Boosts immune system – all of the above-mentioned benefits together affect the immune system, making it stronger and healthier.


    The popularity of e-bikes


    The e-bikes have never been so popular as they are now. They are the perfect solution for all those who need a transportation option, while willing to stay active and on the move. Electric bikes are the number one choice for preserving nature, lowering pollution, and eliminating the carbon footprint. They are part of the traffic and traffic culture with so many benefit both to the humans and the environment too.