Why ebikes are so expensive

5 Reasons Why Electric Bikes are so Expensive

The last few years have seen such a big demand for e-bikes, despite their prices. Being very popular and convenient to use, many wonder why are the electric bikes so expensive? Well, first of all, the demand for these bikes on the market economically raises the price too. But that is not always the case. Although there are some traditional bikes that keep such high prices, the e-bikes sort of fall into a whole different price category. That is because they are differently produced and manufactured than traditional bikes, as well as they provide different riding benefits. Above all, they are called e-bikes since they run on the battery, which is something that raises the price. Another important thing is the shifting of gears, which is different than traditional bikes.


Being out in nature, riding without getting too tired, or putting too much effort in it is what makes the E-bikes valuable and popular. They are also great for all demographics and age groups, including the elderlies, which is another turning point when it comes to price.


All of the above mentioned is just a part of what creates the price of the E-bike. To dive deeper into it, here are the top 5 reasons why electric bikes are so expensive.

Cost of E-bike Battery

The first and the most important thing that attracts riders to get an E-bike is the ability to ride the bike, both with pedals and the motor. The second one, is power by a special battery, that if you look deeper, transforms your E-bike into a sort of electric vehicle. The traditional bikes have an unlimited riding range. That is because you are moving by pedaling. The motorcycle bikes have a longer riding range because they run on fuel. However, the electric bikes, run on batteries that need recharging, but the experience and the feeling the riders get cannot be compared to any other bike type. So, the key cost in the price of the E-bike comes from the type of battery.


There are two main types of electric bike batteries that can be found on the market. The first is Lead Acid and the second is Lithium.The Lead Acid batteries, also called traditional batteries, are similar to those that can be found in cars. That is why they are also used on E-bikes. The majority of these batteries are part of the e-bikes in China, despite their weight and their limited performance.


Lithium-Ion batteries are similar to those that are in cell phones. These types of batteries are widely used throughout Europe. Some suppliers that offer such batteries are Samsung, LG, Panasonic, etc. the regular price is around $250, but there are also some cheaper versions.

Cost of E-bike Motor

A high-quality and good E-bike costs more also because of its motor. This type of motor at the start costs more than the basic motor. The motor is not only essential in providing the best riding experience, but it also has a lot to do with how much weight you can carry it on. The weight of the baggage and any extra weight also contribute to the performance of the E-bike, directly affecting the battery cruising range, which eventually leads to the cost of the e-bike.


The battery pack is designed to use a special battery management system that prevents overcharging or quick discharging. It also regulates the total motor's ampere output. This means that the more amps the battery can supply, the more power the motor can produce.There are different e-bike motor types such as Mid Drive, Hub Drive, and Hub Geared.

Cost of Waterproofing

Any product or device that runs on electricity, must be safe from water, 100%. This property is what additionally raises the price of the e-bike. In the case of E-bikes, they need to be 100% waterproof because they are designed for outdoor conditions, that include water. If the E-bike is not waterproof, there is a great chance of creating short-circuit and permanent damage to the bike. Furthermore, the E-bikes need also be dust-proof, heat-proof, and cold-proof, all of which increase the cost.

Cost of E-bike wiring

The electrical wiring is another important thing. So basically, everything that has to do with electricity must be high-quality and secure so that the Ebike will run smoothly and safely. The E-bike wiring is done in the process of manufacturing, which means that there must be used high-quality and suitable materials, as well as keeping to certain manufacturing standards.

Cost of E-bike controller

The last, but certainly not the least important reason on the list that increases the price of the E-bike is the cost of the E-bike controller. The E-bike controller is a throttle controller which is installed on the handlebar of the e-bike. It is an important and needed part of the E-bikes, which in the start, comes with high manufacturing costs, that eventually reflect on the price of the E-bike, making it more expensive.


These are the 5 main reasons that can affect and increase the price of the e-bike. Depending on the brand, and the manufacturer, each component of an E-bike varies in price. However, for those who are looking to get the most out of their E-bike, as well as invest in a long-term riding solution, Himiway E-bikes are the best option. Not only they are cost-effective, but each model combines all the best properties for the best price. The motor and the battery are some of the most durable ones, covered with the manufacturer's 2-year all-inclusive warranty. Additionally, the aluminum frame, the riding range, the gear shift system are the benefits that come within the price.