Heatwave responding- bike helmet, bike cap, bike bag

How to respond to Heatwave in 2021

The high-temperature hits, the crisis is everywhere. Recently, accidents caused by high-temperature have occurred frequently, and the beautiful summer cannot be ruined by these accidents which may cause great harm to your mental and physical health. To avoid, it's very essential for us to learn some unique skills and knowledge of riding in the summertime. Next, I would like to share with you some tips for avoiding the heat in summer.


When you go out, you must do a good job of sun protection to avoid sunburn. A Himiway Bike Cap seems to be the most practical physical sun protection device to resist ultraviolet rays. When riding, Himiway's Bike Helmet can not only effectively protect your head and greatly reduce injuries. As there are many holes on the Himiway bicycle helmet, you will not feel very hot when you wear it. It can share part of the heat for you. Here, it is recommended to buy a white helmet, because white absorbs less sunlight.


This hot temperature makes the human body easy to lose water, so drink plenty of water. In addition, hot weather always make people lose their appetite. A healthy and refreshing salad is a good choice. For this kind of fresh ingredients, the most fearful thing is not keeping them fresh. Our Himiway bike bag uses a durable nylon structure with a heat-reflective lining, which can effectively keep food fresh.


Take extra precautions if you work or spend time outside. You can take a mini fan to keep cool. When possible reschedule strenuous activities to early morning or evening. Don’t go out during the day when you don’t have anything necessary. It’s safer to stay in an air-conditioned room stay out of the sun. At night, the temperature will be lower. You must ventilate regularly to maintain air circulation and you can keep healthy. If you have pets at home, you should remember to add moisture to your pets in time to reduce going out. Or you can play some sports indoors with your pet, to increase your immune.


If you travel short distances in such high temperatures, Himiway Bike is undoubtedly the most suitable means of transportation. You can enjoy the comfortable wind from nature without being exposed to the sun for a long time For short trips, choosing a car is not a good choice. The air conditioner must turn on. But this is not only a waste of electricity and not friendly to the environment. Also, there are a lot of potential dangers. People will leave their children or pets in sealed cars. Then, something unlucky will happen. Although this kind of thing does not happen many times, even once, it will make people regret it for a lifetime. Thus, under no circumstances should young children and pets stay in the car unattended.The above example is more extreme. A common problem is that cars generate too much heat. This temperature can burn you whenever you are near a car.

So, Electric bikes with lower heat production seem to be more suitable for short-distance travel. Of course, choosing the right travel time is also very important. It is not recommended that you go out at noon or afternoon.


How can we avoid Electric Bikes flattening in summer?

big wheel bike

As the weather gets hotter and hotter , and the ground expose to the sun. The temperature can reach 60°C or 70°C . In this case, Electric Bikes are prone to puncture.

The most feared emergency situation during electric bicycle riding is a tire blowout. Compared with a car, a tire blowout is more sudden and latent. It is extremely difficult to predict and judge in advance. Once a tire has a problem, From falls to bruises, to severe injuries to the lives of drivers and passengers.


 —Regular inspection and maintenance

Before traveling, you can check the tire pressure of the electric vehicle. If the air pressure is too low or the air pressure is too high, it is abnormal. If the air pressure is too low, the tire may have local scratches or punctures. If the air pressure is too high, you should not lower the air pressure, but stop and let the tires cool down .

In a word, Check and repair, especially in hot weather, is an efficient way to avoid tire flat.


—Avoid riding under high temperatures

Before riding an Electric Bicycle in such hot wealth in summer, you need to avoid exposing the electric bicycle to the high temperature of the sun. It is best to park the Electric bike in a cool place and avoid excessive air in the electric bicycle to ensure stable and safe travel. Don't brake suddenly to reduce friction with the ground when riding.


—Don’t brake frequently

When riding in summer, avoid frequent sudden braking. By reducing the violent friction between the tire and the hot ground, so as to reduce the wear of the tire.

What should I do if an Electric Bike has a tire burst suddenly?

First of all, don't continue riding after the puncture! When the tire has no air pressure, forced riding will wear the inner and outer tires, resulting in a weak surface protection layer . In severe cases, the entire tire will scrapp. A puncture is a normal phenomenon. Please don't have psychological pressure.

What you need to pay attention to is to look around the road conditions and get off the Ebike to avoid accidents. Although Electric Bikes are prone to puncture in summer , this situation is not inevitable. As long as Electric Bike users pay more attention to inspection and maintenance in daily life, especially choosing high-quality tires, generally speaking, there will be no puncture.

The above summer tips, I hope they can help you. At the same time, Himiway also reminds you to travel in summer to avoid heatstroke. Once the body temperature is too high, you should go to the shade and take a rest in time to cool down.