himiway electric mountain bike
Himiway Cobra- professional electric mountain bike
Himiway Cobra- softail e mountain bike
the best electric mountain bike- Himiway Cobra
Himiway Cobra- Forest Cobra
Himiway Forest Cobra- Long range electric mountain bike
Himiway Cobra-the biggest tire in the U.S. market
Himiway electric mountain bike
electric mountain bike with quaternary battery design
Himiway Electric Mountain Bike

Himiway Electric Mountain Bike

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    What's New
    Fat Tire Electric Bike Himiway Cruiser Display

    Smoothest Ride On The Mountain

    Himiway Cobra

    The Cobra ebike is equipped with powerful 750W gear hub motor and upgraded inner ring. It also adopts a strong high-end mountain bike four-bar linkage suspension and coil suspension, absorbing any bumps on the way down the trail. The 26”X4.8” CST super fat tires, as the biggest ebike tires in the U.S. market, make riding more stable to suit all road conditions.

    Himiway upgrade solid 6061 aluminum frame

    Upgraded 6061 Aluminum


    750W electric mountain bike geared hub motor


    Geared Hub Motor

    the latest Samsung/LG Qauternary Battery

    48V 20Ah

    Samsung/LG Battery

    The longest range for Himiway Corba: 60 miles to 80 miles

    80 Miles

    Miles per Charge (estimate)

    Shimano 7 speed gear shift stytem

    7 Speed

    Gear Shift System

    Himiway Cobra payload capacity:330lbs

    26*4.8 Super Fat Tire


    • Smoothest Ride on the Mountain

      80+ Miles Range Samsung/LG Battery Softail design
      Himiway Cobra is an all-terrain E-bike
      Fat Tire Electric Bike Himiway Cruiser Display
    • Smoothest Ride On The Mountain

      80+ Miles Range Samsung/LG Battery Softail design
      Himiway Cobra is an all-terrain E-bike
      All Terrain Fat Tire Electric Bike Himiway Escape at Night
    • Light
    • Dark
    Four-Bar Linkage Suspension & Coil Suspension
    Display how electric mountain bike suspension works

    Four-Bar Linkage Suspension & Coil Suspension

    Himiway Cobra is the first e-bike on the U.S. market with four-bar linkage suspension technology. The four-bar linkage represents a four-sided polygon: the chain stay, seat stay, rocker, and seat tube. These specialize in absorbing both rear-upward force and vibrations, while the coil suspension ensures front stability. Both suspensions guarantee your safety in the toughest riding conditions

    Himiway uses high-quality 6061 aluminum for the frame to give the bike unparalleled durability. Its reserved fork accommodates wider tires, which allow you to upgrade to 4.8-inch tires. The integrated design protects from inclement weather, eliminating up to 98% of common mechanical failures.

    48V 20Ah Samsung/LG Lithium-ion Battery

    Himiway Cobra combines the new Samsung/LG battery technology with a 5000mAh single cell capacity in a smaller size but with larger diversity. Compared with 3500mAh cells made of nickel, cobalt, and manganese, this 960Wh battery efficiently improves the range, stability and safety of Himiway bikes. A single charge can last up to 60 miles on pure electric power and 80+ miles with pedal assist. The battery will maintain 80% capacity after 1000 charges.

    Please note: Modification of e-bikes and replacement of battery chargers have safety hazards, we recommend that you do not do this or operate under the guidance of professionals. Our webesite will not be responsible for security incidents caused by non-compliant operations.

    60–80 Miles

    Per Charge

    960 Wh

    Total Battery Capacity


    Single Cell Capacity

    7 hours

    Time Until Fully Charged

    Himiway’s high-end geared hub motor uses the latest updated inner ring, enabling high-temperature resistance and better heat dissipation. The inner ring reduces the motor magnets’ attenuation speed to guarantee longer life expectancy. The geared hub provides massive amounts of torque when powering up steep hills or accelerating quickly from a dead stop. With 1000W of peak motor power, you can easily conquer the most rugged terrains.


    Motor Power


    Max Motor Torque

    Half twist throtttle design


    The Half-twist throttle helps prevent accidental activation, protecting you from inadvertent injuries.
    professional mountain bike saddle:SR saddle

    Selle Royal Saddle

    The Selle Royal Saddle features a comfortable design specially made for pressure relief.
    48V Himiway self R&D Luminosity Spotlight

    48V Luminosity Taillight

    The Himiway independent R&D luminosity taillight is 20% brighter than LED light. Visibility is improved to guarantee your safety while riding at night.
    Shimano 7 speed gear shift system


    The Shimano 7 speed gear shift system offers you more choice while riding in a variety of conditions. Along with the pedal-assist system, you can find the speed that suits your journey. Using this system accurately can increase the range of a single charge by up to 15%.
    Upgraded solid mountain bike aluminum frame

    Four-Bar Linkage Suspension & Coil Suspension

    The four-bar linkage represents a four-sided polygon: the chain stay, seat stay, rocker, and seat tube.
    Front fork: coil suspension


    The durable Himiway suspension fork has preloaded adjustments for the spring’s stiffness and a lock-out lever. With 80mm of available compression, it is the perfect fit for your chosen terrain.
    Tektro hydraulic disc brakes

    Hydraulic Brakes

    Hydraulic brakes provide superior braking performance and durability. With proper maintenance, there won't be a decline in braking power for 5 years.
    Mountain bike durable aluminum crankset


    Durable aluminum crankset guards provide protection to the chainring and assists the chainstay while traveling over rugged terrain.
    26*4.8 inches CST puncture resistant tires


    The 26 X4.8 Cheng SHIN all-terrain fat tires are the biggest fat tires in the U.S. e-bike market, providing upgraded grip and traction on rugged roads. Even in the most challenging terrains and weather conditions, these fat tires guarantee your safety and offer you an smooth and easy riding experience.


    • Battery 48V 20Ah Samsung/LG lithium battery
    • Range 60–80 miles
    • Hub Motor 750W brushless geared hub motor
    • Total Payload Capacity 400 lb.
    • Recommended Rider Heights 5′4″ ~ 6′4″
    • Charger US standard 3.0 A smart charger
    • Controller 48V/22A
    • Display LCD display with USB charging
    • Weight 88 lb.
    • Pedal Assist Intelligent 0~5 level pedal assist


    • Tires 26″ x 4.8″ CST fat tires
    • Brake lever Aluminum alloy comfort grip levers with motor cutoff switch
    • Rear Light Battery-powered bike light
    • Freewheel Shimano 7 speed gear shift system
    • Brake Tektro 180mm hydraulic brakes
    • Chain KMC chain
    • Stem Promax MA-400 SSABK
    • Crank 170mm forged alloy
    • Gearing Shimano- 14-28T BROWN/BK
    • Front Fork Alloy front suspension fork with lockout and adjustment
    • Throttle Half-twist throttle
    • Pedal Alloy pedal with reflectors
    • Bike Frame 6061 Aluminum frame
    • Front Light 48V LED light
    • Saddle SR saddle
    • Seat Post Diameter 30.9mm, length 300mm
    • Kickstand Heavy-duty aluminum
    • Spokes 13 gauge on the front, 12 gauge on the back


    Moped style E-bike Himiway Escape Geometry
    • A -- Total Length 82.6
    • B -- Handlebar Height 42.9
    • C -- Wheelbase 51.1
    • D -- Minimum Seat Height 30.3
    • E -- Maximum Seat Height 37
    • F -- Chain Stay Length 19.7
    • G -- Standover Height 32
    • H -- Top Tube Length 24
    • I -- Wheel Diameter 30.3
    • J -- Head Tube Length 5.1
    • K -- Handlebar Length 27.6


    * Himiway has the right, without notice to the consumer, to substitute components of at least equal quality for advertised Himiway e-bike components if those advertised components are unavailable.

    Customer Reviews

    Based on 69 reviews
    Michael Palmer
    Very solid built ebike for mountain trail use.

    This is a very solid built mountain ebike. It takes around 60 miles of mountain trail riding to break it in, and to learn how to manipulate the large size and weight. Most trail riding only needs level 1 speed selection and use of only 1st or 2nd gear to stay within an easy 12 mph. Some of the quirks: I had to readjust (provide more slack) to the shift cable to get it to shift into 7th gear. Standard screw adjustments wasn't enough to do the job. The power assist will just shut off from time to time, but the display is still up. In order to correct the issue I have to reboot the system by shutting off the power and then turning it back on again. This is not a good issue and a bit dangerous when your relying on the power assist to get you up a sudden set of steep mountain trail hills or a set of camel humps when traversing a gulley. You also have to be careful of the front wheel lock position. I had the wheel lock catch some trail debris and unlock causing the front wheel to come loose very quickly. Something to inspect from time to time while trail riding. I noticed just a little side to side play in the back wheel. I'm not sure if this is normal with the rear hub motor. I don't seem to have this play with my Rad Rover or Ride 1up ebike. I also notice a little up and down play in the shock for the rear suspension which appears to be coming from slack in the lower bolt for the shock. I don't know if it is normal to have this play, but i can see this issue as leading to premature wear of bolt and housing around it. A possible fix may be to install a rubber grommet in the lower shock tube hole to provide a snugger fit around the bolt to eliminate the play excessive play. I notice it to be a bit jerky with the power assist, but I'm hoping this will smooth out as I further break the bike in. The taillight is good, but it would be even better if it was tied into the bike battery as is the headlight. and it would be even better if it responded to braking. This feature is very helpful when trail riding at night as a group lead. It would be worth paying a reasonable amount more for this feature.
    I would like to see the sell of spare batteries, controllers, and other replacement parts be made available on your website in the future.
    Besides that, I'm overall very happy with this mountain e-bike. Acceleration, braking, handling, and ride comfort is very good considering its size.

    Santos Mass
    Super happy with my new bike!

    So far, I'm in love with my new bike! Upon purchasing, I sent a message to customer support. I received their response immediately and the case was resolved within one hour. Excellent service! Setting up was easy, with all the tools coming in the box. Pedaling without the assist does not feel heavier than a non-electric bike, and the pedal assist helps me on hilly roads or when I want a faster starting at the traffic light. The rag, yes, requires a bit of getting used to, but not a major concern. Downhill speed went up to 31+mph, I am sure it will go faster even more. I did wish that they have this beautiful blue in 7 gear version.. But this bike makes my commute FUN, easier, and quicker than sitting in the notorious urban Los Angeles traffic. I really appreciate the classic minimalistic design and discreet battery, functional color monitor & integrated lights. I am 5'2'' female but with Himiway's lighter weight, I can carry it up & down the stairs, too. I will definitely be spending lots of time on this bike beauty! :)

    Karen Sher
    The Best Beginner E-Bike!

    As of recent, I've had a burning itch to purchase an e-bike to be able to explore more places with ease. After doing a ton of research, I stumbled upon the Cobra from Himiway. I decided to pull the trigger and purchase the bike. I must say I do not regret purchasing this amazing bike! This is my first e-bike and I swear you get the most bang for your buck with this. It comes with a plethora of features that you wouldn't see in a bike at this price point. I was able to travel around 45 miles on a single charge using pedal assist three with ease! I love my bike so much and will continue to hit the trail to explore more. This is the PERFECT bike for new e-bike enthusiasts!

    Tammy Miller
    A great value

    I wanted a quality, reasonably priced, minimalist single speed road ebike. I chose the Cobra from Himiway over two other brands, one less expensive and one more. The Himiway won out as the only one with integrated rear taillights, a removeable battery, and throttle. The only feature I would have preferred that they both had was a belt drive.

    Roxanne Baalu
    Great bike especially for the price.

    Solidly built, better range than advertised. A lot of fun to ride.
    I only wish the lights had a flash option so easier to be seen in city riding.

    Linda Slarrery
    Great bike for casual riders.

    I use the Cobra from Himiway for commuting to work. As a non enthusiast, I found this bike to be very easy to ride even without pedal assist. The throttle takes a moment to kick in. Which I think is a good thing for me personally. My trips are about 10mile total and the battery lasts about 3 + trips. The headlight isn’t super good but better than not having one at all . The display screen is visible in the sun and well lit at night. It would be nice if there was a clock on the display. Overall I’ve been very satisfied with this bike. I would recommend it to anyone for their first bike or to those who don’t need an intense bike.

    Ava Bacon
    Love our Cobra’s

    Bought one for myself and loved it from the first ride, my husband rode it really liked it so we bought one for him too. Love the power for going uphills, love the bold look. It was easy for me to put together just watched a YouTube video. Can’t say anything bad about it except I had to change my seat out even though it’s a very nice looking seat I just needed a bit more padding. It’s a 10 for me !!!

    Oliver Nelson
    Glad I pulled the trigger

    Bought my Himiway from Web. I live near both biking trails and the Erie Canal trails. Haven't ridden any bike in about 10 years. Rode my Adventure about 35mi the first week including many steep inclines and off-road trails. What a blast. I look forward to a nightly cruise after work for both relaxation and workout (without assist modes). My oldest son rode it and is now hooked ... note he also has a Tesla so electric anything is in his wheelhouse.

    Jayden Weaver
    Best Bike EVER!

    I purchased a Cobra from Hmiway about a month ago and will never buy another type of bike. It is AMAZING! Be aware that you must sign for the bike when delivered, which I was never informed about until the night before delivery and had to reschedule delivery to an FEDEX drop off location and cart it home. But putting together was fairly simple using the instructional video. I was off and riding in about 45 minutes. Most fun I've had riding a bike in years. I'm finding excuses to "go out for a ride". Love it !

    Liam Woodman
    Exactly the bike and cost we needed

    After searching multiple dealer stores and going back and forth with various styles and selection we found the exact bikes(HIMIWAY) for my wife and I. Most dealers will add assembly and shipping cost. We're pretty capable of assembly and can wait until home delivery to ride. Nowadays every dollar has to be accounted for. Gas, rent, insurance, car payments, etc. Himiway offered free shipping and discount promo coupons. That was even with adding two optional back racks. It's worth taking a look and comparing to whatever other bikes you've been interested in.It's very good.

    Cobra faqs

    Cobras are found all over the world. They can survive in extreme environments and move and travel freely and easily over any terrain.

    The 26″ x 4.8″ CST puncture-resistant tires—the biggest e-bike tire on the U.S. market—grip the road to make riding more stable on any terrain. In the city, on the beach, in the snow, or in the mountains, our fat tires take you everywhere you want to go.

    Our customers generally need 45 to 70 minutes to assemble the bike. Is it taking too long? Check out Himiway’s official instruction video or find a pro on Velotooler for help.

    A four-bar platform allows the suspension to operate mostly independently of braking. With a four-bar and coil suspension system, your safety is guaranteed in the toughest riding conditions.

    The upgraded 750W geared hub motor uses the latest updated inner ring, which specializes in high-temperature resistance and better heat dissipation, reducing the motor magnets’ attenuation speed and guaranteeing longer life expectancy.

    Himiway Cobra is designed for amateur mountain bike riders, and the differences lie in the bigger tires, the four-bar linkage suspension system, and the colors.

    The integrated design can reduce up to 95% of mechanical failures in even the most extreme weather conditions, helping solve water-resistant issues of the e-bike’s battery.

    There are more answers and solutions in the FAQ section. Or you can email to support@himiwaybike.com.
    If you would like to purchase Himiway E-bikes in Europe. Please click Himiway City Pedelec.