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Himiway Cycling Club

Activities are best enjoyed with the company of others, and e-biking is no exception, especially given the added security that riding with a group may provide, the chance to discover new trails, and the opportunity to sharpen your skills. Himiway aims to build a relaxed, family-friendly cycling club. Find new cycling buddies with less effort while having fun by joining us!


Barry S. Newman​

We had another fun great Himiway ride with Larry on Wednesday. He knew all the directions and even gave us a map of the ride with his contact information. So many fun places to ride our Himiway ebikes! I look forward to more rides with fellow Himiway riders!​

7.27 Cycling Activity:​
Cycling Leader:Gary Lawrence​
Cycling route: 30 miles ride down to Swami's Surf Beach and Back through Oceanside Harbor.​
Time: July 27th

Chris Schiehl

I participated in the Redondo Beach Strand ride this past weekend as part of the Himiway Cycling Club - California. What a wonderful group of people. If you are looking for some fresh air and fun times with a group of people that have the same interests of you with their bikes, I highly recommend joining a future ride. The Himiway bike is perfect for these rides. We averaged a pace of 10-15 mph, but if that’s too fast, just increase your pedal assist speed one or two levels. Enjoy!”

7.23 Cycling Activity:
Cycling leader: Amy Muncey
Cycling route: 22 mile ride along the strand through Redondo, Hermosa, Manhattan, El Segundo
Time: July 23th

Amy Muncey

We put our Himiway e-bikes to a true mounting biking test and they pulled through with flying colors!

A group of 11 of us rode our e-bikes 20 miles up and around the back-ridge mountain of Big Bear Lake, behind Snow Summit Resort. We started in town and began our trek up the off-service road 2N10, making the rocky climb to an elevation of 8173 feet. We put the bike to the test of making the 1325 foot incline and it did so without a hitch. Once we got there, the views up top of both Big Bear Lake and the San Bernardino Inland Empire valley below were spectacular.

However, what goes up, must come down. We came down the mountain on a single-track trail testing the maneuverability and balance of the fat tire as we wound our way down through the San Bernardino National Forest. An adventure it was, with the Himiways handling perfectly, and we can’t wait to do it again.

6.25Cycling Activity:
Cycling leader: Amy Muncey
Cycling route: 20 miles e-bike ride/ loop around the back ridge of Bear Mountain Resorts
Time: June 25th

Stanley Snyder

I participated in the North San Diego county with the Himiway cycling club group with about 10 other members last week. I had an absolute blast! My wife and I were on Escapes while the rest had cruisers but we kept up just fine. Great to meet other Himiway owners ant the ride had fantastic views of the ocean the entire ride! The ride leader Gary was great and knew the area very well making for a smooth ride. Can’t wait till I can attend another ride!

6.29Cycling Activity:
Cycling leader: Gary Lawrence
Cycling route: 30 miles ride down to Swami's Surf Beach and Back through Oceanside Harbor.
Time: June 29th

Tony Giancoli

I had a lot of fun & met some very cool people. We talked about different experiences with our Himiway bikes, the new models coming out & future rides. A good time was had by all.

4.23 Cycling Activity:
Cycling leader: Tony Giancoli
Cycling route: Lake Natoma American River Trail (About 11-12 mile loop)
Time: April 23

Gary Lawrence

I had a fun time riding with Larry...he knows the area well and is a very experienced rider. It's great that Himiway is organizing groups of people with like minded interests. Hopefully our group will grow and do many more fun rides. There is so much areas to explore and riding a Himiway in Orange and San Diego countries makes it fun. I look forward to this group expanding and having many more rides!

5.25 Cycling Activity:
Cycling leader: Gary Lawrence
Cycling route: 30 miles ride down to Swami's Surf Beach and Back through Oceanside Harbor.
Time: May 25th

Enjoy these BENEFITS with NO extra charge:

  • Become a cycling leader to get rich rewards
  • Free lunch for all riders
  • 3000 Himi Points (worth $30) for all riders, more allowance for cycling leaders