how to replace your tire

When to Replace Your Electric Bike Tires

Electric bikes come with high-quality tires, that make up the price of the bike too. That is why e-bikes are pretty expensive – because of all the parts that make them. Although the tires are very durable and made of the most suitable materials for that purpose, there comes a time when you will have to retire your tires. No matter when we like it or not, these tires do not last forever, and they need to be changed.


Many would find it challenging and additionally expensive when it comes to retiring the tires. However, there is the tire wear indicator that cannot be missed and neglected which will give you the first signs when it is time to retire your tires. The increased frequency of using the bike, the difference in terrain, weather conditions, temperatures, etc, all contribute to the need for a tire replacement. Doing it on time does not only prolong the life of your e-bike, furthermore, but also contributes to your personal safety, safe driving, and overall enjoyment.


One of the most commonly asked questions is when do I need new bike tires? Well, following the signs for few months will give you the right answer to it. However, here is everything you need to know about bike tire replacement.

Repeated Flats

The first sign that will show you that it is time to consider changing your tires is getting frequent flats. The well-used tires will become flat, which shows that their life is coming to an end. Because of their different use and under different conditions, the rubber that they are made of will start to wear away. This will result will less and less rubber filling the area between the tube and the junk on the road. There will be times when every little piece of rock, glass so something else will damage the tire that it will have to be patched. When that time comes, you will know that it is time to completely change the tire.

Tread Wear

The E-bikes tires are similar to the car tires, from a tread point of view. This means that they also have the wear indicators built into the tread. These indicators show when the tire is getting worn out and when it is time for it to be replaced. When the time comes that the tires are worn down to the point of the wear indicator, then, it is just the right time to look for a new one. This is not only because you will experience more difficulties on the road, but because it is not safe and you will experience more trouble riding than enjoyment. The best way to spot the wear is to look at the tire. Most commonly, the wear is concentrated in the middle of the tire. The reduction in the rubber that appears just in that place gives the tire a more square look. As it becomes more and more square, you will find it harder to navigate the corners. When the tire is a little bit flat, that does not cause a great or big problem, but if the tire gets that square look, then, it is time for its replacement.


One of the biggest fears of the bikers and riders, in general, is a tear. A flat tire can be easily managed and you can soon continue your ride, but when it comes to the tears, that does require more time and more professional help. Although tears might be accidents, when it comes to the life of the tires, they are just another indicator that it is time for a new one. When a rip in the tire happens, then, it is one sure sign that the life of the tire is nearly coming to the end. To prevent such a mishap on the road, it is always suggested to check the tires. This checking means looking for bulges. If you happen to see something that is growing from the tire, then it is a clear sign that there is a certain weakness in that particular spot. From that moment on, it will be just a matter of time when the tear happens and the tube blows out. So, do not wait for the tire to go flat. As soon as you see such growth, immediately replace the tire with a new one.

As mentioned above, the tires age with their use. Different bike tires have a different expiry dates. The road bike tires can last from 1000 to 3000 miles; the racing bicycle tires need to be replaced after 1000 miles, and the tough bicycle touring tires can last for 4000 miles. As they wear out, there will be a difference in the entire way the ride is feeling. They can also harden and crack with time, which is another clear sign that the bike should not be ridden.

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