Himiway Cruiser Electric Bike Accompany You to Spend The Presidents' Day

Spend a Perfect Holiday on Presidents’ Day With a Himiway E-bike

This is a perfect holiday. It would be a shame if you stayed at home. We all know that the weather these days is good and the temperature is gradually increasing. When you choose to ride a Himiway fat tire electric bike then this will It's your most enjoyable time.

Himiway Cruiser Electric Bike Accompany You to Spend The Presidents' Day

A whale of time right now

It's prime whale-watching time as the Pacific grays travel along the California coast to have their babies in the warm waters of Baja and then begin their trip back to Alaska. If you live near the coastline, I believe you are more willing to ride to experience the beautiful scenery of this road, because driving a car may not find a suitable parking space. At the same time, Himiway Cruiser has a 48V 17.5AH battery life, which can meet more than 60 miles of riding.

A suitable park trip

The Huron-Manistee National Forests will waive fees at most of its day-use recreation sites on Presidents Day, Feb. 17, to give the public an easier way to experience their national forests and grasslands. The fee waiver is a cooperative effort of the federal land management agencies under the Federal Lands Recreation Enhancement Act. Fees are waived for day-use areas, such as the:

38-mile Big M Cross-Country Ski and Mountain Bike Trail in Manistee County; and 28-mile Corsair Hiking and Cross Country Ski Trail in Iosco County.

Cycling in the snow is undoubtedly the best performance of our Himiway electric bicycle fat tires. If you live nearby, I believe you will be very willing to try it.

Proper exercise

On this leisure holiday, if you are not willing to ride abroad, then you are at least willing to exercise near your home. After a mountain adventure or fishing with friends, this will be your best leisure experience. Himiway electric bikes have three riding modes, so you will not lose time or training. Power OFF Pedal Riding: When the Himiway's electric bike's power is off, you need to pedal in order to move forward. This is the mode of cycling which is suitable for both fitness and leisure. Power ON Assisted Cycling: When the Himiway's electric bike's power is on, it will provide powerful support for riding to make the riding easier. This is the mode of assisted cycling, which is suitable for leisure and commute. Power ON Pure Electric Power: When the Himiway's electric bike's power is on and the right- hand throttle is rotated, there is no need for cycling. This is the mode of pure electric power which is suitable for leisure, commute, and especially the fatigued state.

Finally, I wish everyone who loves riding have a happy day on Presidents Day