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7 Interesting Statistics and Facts About Ebike in 2021

It is more than evident that electric bikes has became more popular and common picture in the daily life. And that is one great thing. The technology is always going further and further, making it accessible for all those willing to try it out. This goes to the price too. Electric bikes have become a very popular transportation vehicle for all the commuters, leisure cyclists, and even the ones who prefer it just for fun and sports. The number of electric bikes and e-bikers is constantly rising which is an excellent pointer that people do care for the environment and their health. This goes to the point where the people in the urban areas are willing to switch to Ebikes instead of cars, something that was not the case a few years ago.

Many different types of research have been conducted to determine the popularity of the Ebikes. And the results are pretty amazing. People worldwide have turned to Ebikes faster than expected. Ebikes are becoming needed and demanded choice and that speaks of the high awareness that is making people think about their fitness and health choices.

Here are 7 interesting facts about Ebikes in 2021:

1. Ebike popularity by the state in America

Due to many different factors, the bike market is different in every state in America. This has a lot to do with the citizens biking patterns and preferences, infrastructure, the economy, etc. All of these things and many more contribute to shaping the Ebike market, and now the most popular condition people looking for is long range electric bike. However, some states have come on top when it comes to the popularity of the Ebike.

The states with the most riders in America are the following: Washington State, Colorado, Delaware, Minnesota, California, Massachusetts, Oregon

2. Biggest manufacturer and seller of Ebikes 

On a global scale, China is the largest manufacturer and supplier of electric bicycles. E-bikes are produced in China at a rate of roughly 36 million each year. According to statistics, China has been leading all regions of the world for quite some time. This refers to the overall number of Ebikes made each year, the number of Ebikes sold, and the number of Ebikes on the road. Despite the fact that the Asia-Pacific area is anticipated to dominate the future, China remains at the top. According to the same figures, 32 million bikes were sold in the same year out of 36 million manufactured. When compared to the 1.8 million e-bikes sold in Europe, 440.000 in Japan, and 185.000 in the United States, China continues to lead.

3. Most popular Ebikes

Pedal-assisted electric bicycles are the most popular type, accounting for 88.36% of the global market. This popularity comes from the sole purpose of allowing the rider to ride their bike either on an electric motor when needed or like a traditional bike. This dual property is much supported for all those who are using their Ebike as a transportation and recreational vehicle. Not only it is great for the younger crowd, but it is suggested for the elderly too. 

4. Reasons for riding Ebike

There are lots of different reasons why riding an Ebike is good for everyone. Generally, it does improve one's lifestyle and quality of life in many different ways. These are the biggest reasons why consider riding an Ebike:

- stay in shape – cycling is a great way to stay in shape and tone the muscles;

- cover longer distances – with the Ebike you can travel further and faster;

- use on multiple occasions – it can be used for carrying out different tasks and can help you carry larger loads;

- helps the environment – it does not pollute the air;

- a great substitute for cars – the Ebike is a healthy solution, both for people and the environment. It will help you stay active and it does not pollute the environment.

5. Popular Ebike use

Ebike can be used for many different reasons. From the practical to the healthy ones, people use Ebikes because they have different great benefits. The popular use of the Ebike comes down to:

- commuting – people spend quite some time commuting to and from work, on average around 26 minutes each day. With the Ebike, this time shortens, especially if you take into consideration the pedal-assisted models, which make the trip much easier.

- exercise – Ebike is a great option for moderate exercise. The electronic motor helps overcome different terrain and obstacles, but it can also be used as a traditional bike when the motor is turned off. 

- short trips – getting one place to another is much easier and more picturesque when you are on your Ebike. Not only you are out in the open, but you can also avoid traffic, explore nature and the city better and enjoy your trip. Some people even use their bikes as electric hunting bikes.

6. Health benefits of riding an Ebike

Embracing Ebike cycling has a lot of great health benefits such as:

- it is an excellent cardiovascular workout;

- you can cycle more for long-distance;

- it can improve your mental health;

- it can ease the pains of aging;

- the assistance of the electric motor makes cycling available for those with disabilities too.

7. Annual cost of riding Ebike

If you make a comparison of how much is an annual cost for a four-door passenger car, you will get to the number of $9761 per year. The annual cost of riding EBike costs much less. Economical fat tire bike are available in every state. When you put together the electric battery charging, annual maintenance check-up, battery maintenance, and disposal, and some additional expenses, you will end up in a number of a few hundred dollars, which is significantly less than a car.

These 7 interesting facts are more than enough to inspire you to become a proud owner of Ebike. It does have so many wonderful benefits that will contribute to your health and lifestyle in ways that you did not imagine even possible. Be the change you want to see in the world and get yourself an Ebike.