How to Choose an electric bike for women

by Mark Minstrel on Jan 17, 2023

How to Choose an electric bike for women
Purchasing an e-bike has many benefits. They can help you travel farther and faster while pedaling less, and they are also a ton of fun. However, finding the finest women's bike can be very challenging because bikes differ widely in terms of performance.

Knowing what to look for or where to start might be challenging with so many ebikes flooding the market. It is essential always to feel comfortable on the bike for both improved riding performance and enjoyment. To help female bikers, here are features to consider when purchasing an electric bike and some top recommendations.

What's Your Riding Purpose?

It would help if you first consider why you want to ride an e-bike to know which one is best for you– whether as an adult, for your children, or neither. In other words, how will you use the bike?

Will you use it for errands around the city or work commutes? Are you trying to find something that can stroll on the beach's boardwalk? Are you planning to deviate off the road for a more adventurous ride? Do you want something cozy for a stroll around the neighborhood and to the store? What about an e-bike in the tricycle style?

Before making a purchase, do some research. Make sure you are aware of the intended application before making a purchase. For instance, if you merely want to enjoy leisurely joy rides around the neighborhood, an e-bike focusing on comfort is appropriate. A commuter-style bike is the best option if you plan to ride it to and from work daily while dodging traffic and riding past pedestrians in the city.

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Key Differences between Women's and Men's Bikes

Male and female ebikes differ significantly due to anatomical variances between the sexes. The distinctions between the various e-bike types take into account these anatomical variations, making it possible to select an e-bike that will fit their body types well and be more comfortable. Here are some of the significant differences;

Frame Structure

One visible difference between men's and women's ebikes is their frames. Typically, women are smaller than men and have shorter arms and legs hence the size variation. E-bikes for women have more compact structures than men. Himiway e-bikes have high-quality materials that offer greater strength, corrosion resistance, durability, and a beautiful appearance.

Step-thru or Step-over Frames

The absence of the crossbar made it simpler for women to get on and off the bike during the era when they predominately wore skirts and dresses, which led to variations in frame construction. Men's bikes often have a crossbar or step-over frame, while typical women's bikes frequently have a low-step structure (also known as a step-through or open frame). These step-thru ebikes are much easier to mount on and off as they don't require you to raise your legs so high while mounting.

Top tube length

Due to women's typically shorter torsos and arms, top tubes on women's e-bikes are often faster than those on men's e-bikes. Women riders can reach the handlebars with less difficulty because of the shorter top line, which reduces the space between the seat and the handlebar. Whatever electric bike you get, ensure you check that your back is not too bent to allow you to reach the handlebars easily. Choosing your ebike based solely on personal preference rather than selecting the best option will result in discomfort for your body.


While riding, you have to be comfortable. Men usually have narrow saddles on their e-bikes, whereas women have wider saddles to fit their hips. Women's saddles typically have a longer mid-pipe and a sharper nose to prevent strain on soft tissue. They are usually at the lower and further back of the saddle. This design offers the best support for female riders for the sit bone. Getting an e-bike with a gender-appropriate saddle is wise if you plan on doing longer rides.

Handlebars and Grips

Due to the narrower shoulder-to-shoulder width of women, their bikes frequently have shorter, slimmer handlebars. The handlebars have also been positioned a bit higher for women for easy reach with their shorter arms. Men's bikes have wider handlebars set lower to accommodate their long arms and broad shoulders.


Bikes' brake and suspension settings are often the same, but larger e-bike riders can put more pressure on their bikes to manage rougher terrain. For female bikers, brake levers are made smaller; for male riders, their brake levers are wider.

Features to Watch for While Choosing an Electric Bike for Women

There are many designs and constructions for electric bikes. Regardless of whom an ebike is for, ensure you get one with the features that are appropriate for the intended use. Here are some things to check while choosing ebikes for women:


E-bikes have an electronic motor system with pedal assistance, which allows riders to ride faster. The motor that powers your e-bike significantly determines how quickly it can go. Some can reach speeds of about 30 mph. Hence, choosing a motor that can handle your needs is best. The Cruiser Step Thru has an efficient ebike with powerful motors to help you reach your desired speed.

Throttle assist:

An electric bike's throttle assist mode is comparable to the throttle on a motorbike or scooter. You start the engine by opening the throttle, which moves the ebike ahead. It doesn't call for any pedaling or exertion. You can unwind while riding in comfort. Like riding a moped, you turn a knob on your handlebar to turn it on, and the engine will take over while you rest your legs and regain your breath.

Storage space:

Because most women take backpacks or additional luggage while going out, it's crucial to check that your ebike has ample storage. Many ebikes have built-in baskets or basket attachments to the front or back of their bikes. When used to transport groceries and other goods back from the stores on the way to the office, these baskets come in handy.


Does the bike have room for two riders or simply one? Some e-bikes incorporate seats behind the primary rider so that another passenger can board and join them for the trip. If you plan to ride with a friend or companion, it is a factor. Also, the weight the bike can support is another factor to consider. Ensure it can withstand the expected combined weight if you occasionally plan to ride with more than one person.

Battery life and recharge time:

The battery power will control how long it takes for the battery to run out, in addition to accelerating the motor. Even if you can always use an e-bike like a regular bike if the battery runs out, it's still good to know the range of your electric bike so that you can choose a battery appropriately. 


Different body shapes and riding preferences are in the design of bikes. Getting an ebike is best if you need to enhance your body posture.


In recent years, e-bike technology has advanced significantly and is lighter than before. Most women prefer lightweight weight bikes since they are easier to transport. Also, the weight will affect the bike's performance and handling, even with the additional power assistance.


E-bike prices are becoming less expensive as they are becoming popular. Hybrid electric bikes are now available for about $1,000 if you're looking for a basic commuting cycle. The price will ultimately depend on its specifications and features.

Top E-Bikes for Women

Choosing ebikes for women can be daunting. Here are some top women's ebike that you should consider getting:

Himiway Cruiser Step-thru

With 26" x 4" tires, typical for e-bikes in this class, the Cruiser step-thru is a fat-tire electric bicycle that rides on adaptable features. Additionally, it has mechanical disc brakes and a 7-speed Shimano gearbox. Both improve the riding experience on ascents, descents, and commuting through cities. Due to its step-thru frame, this bike is frequently the first choice for female commuters and riders who ride for many purposes. Grab this ONLY ONE coupon with $250 off to buy an ebike for your girl! Coupon code: Gift4her

Himiway Zebra Step-thru

The Zebra Step-thru is another all-terrain fat-tire e-bike that prioritizes off-road riding performance. It has an aluminum suspension fork, lockout, preload adjustability, and a robust, long-lasting aluminum frame suitable for city commuting, trails, and gravel roads. The Zebra Step-thru can handle everything, and by experimenting with tire pressure, you can change its grip and maneuverability.

Himiway Big Dog

This Big Dog electric cargo bike features a substantial integrated rear rack that increases the bike's carrying capacity to 400 lbs. You can add different rear racks and accessories to the Big Dog. The 20′′ x 4′′ tires that Big Dog has to maintain its center of gravity low and make it simpler to hoist large objects onto the rear rack. The components include a mechanical disc braking system and a 7-speed drivetrain, standard features of other Himiway models.

Himiway Escape

Did you know that compared to a car, an e-bike is so adequate for city commuting? Consider an e-bike with a moped-like design, like the Himiway Escape Pro. You can escape the unpleasant realities of contemporary city living, like traffic congestion, a lack of time, and taxing commutes, with the help of this little, fashionable electric bicycle.

The front and rear suspension of this bike is its most intriguing feature. If you ride this bike off-road, the show and rear suspension forks will be instrumental in absorbing vibrations and removing bumps and shocks. The combination of mechanical disc brakes, a 7-speed drivetrain, and 20′′ x 4′′ tires makes it viable to travel off-road.


Buying a female-friendly ebike might be easier than you think. Women's electric bike models will include a women's saddle and narrower handlebars to ensure that the bike fits right out of the box. The guide above will help you choose the best-fit women's electric bike without breaking the bank.