Himiway Cruiser Electric Fat Tires Mountain Bike

How Much Do You Know About the History of Fat Tires?

Himiway has been committed to the research and production of electric bicycles for more than 10 years. During that time, the structure of the bike and the coordination of various parts and components have been changed several times. I finally found that fat tire electric bicycles are more popular in Europe and the United States. So who knows the development history of fat tire bicycles?

The earliest fat-tire bikes date back to the 1980s, when they were loved by free-riding enthusiasts who rode mountain bikes on the sand and snow! In 1986, French engineer Jean Naud used Michelin to customize special tires for him and he rode through the Sahara desert. Almost at the same time, the dirtbike race, which was held immediately after the famous Edita Rode Alaska toboggan race, aroused the enthusiasm of many cycling athletes. Fans have modified their equipment to make the bike more suitable for riding in the snow. At the same time, sand dune cyclists in New Mexico, USA began producing snow bikes equipped with large-diameter tires and rode all the way to Alaska in the 1990s. In 2005, a company called Surly bikes in Minnesota produced a wagon named Pugsley, which was the first mass-produced fat tire bicycle. Its designer Dave Gray explained the design concept of this bike: "A suitable for sports, wilderness adventure, mountain biking, agricultural or industrial production use, hunting, fishing, foraging, electric motor-driven riding, commuting, mountain biking and all-terrain bikes for camping."

Therefore, in a strict sense, the fat tire bike has existed for a long time. Only in recent years, it has returned to people's attention and people are starting to really be familiarized with it again. Fat tires are the most promising market segment in the bicycle industry. Outdoor Magazine calls it the hottest trend in cycling, and compares it to human-powered wild transportation, with the fat tire's anti-slipping technology.

Himiway Cruiser  Electric Fat Tires Mountain Bike

In the past, a bicycle with a fat tire was easy, but its price was really high due to the advantages of fat tires over basic bikes, whether riding in the snow or mountains. The fat-tire bikes have absolute advantages when riding, which can fully inspire you. Now, with the improvement of living standards, if you want to buy an electric bicycle like this, it is difficult to find a satisfactory all-terrain fat tire electric bicycle under 1500 dollars. Many Himiway fans often ask why such a high-priced bike is so cheap. Our answer is this, "We are the factory direct sellers of the Himiway Bike and have the most professional team to serve you."

Therefore, choosing an electric bike with fat tires will be your best choice.

All in all, everyone pursues time and efficiency, and speed becomes one of the main criteria. The same is true of electric bicycles, especially fat tire electric bicycles. Generally, fat tire electric bicycles are faster than ordinary electric bicycles. High power fat tire electric bikes not only give you faster speeds but also for any terrain. Although it is heavier than other non-fat tire electric bikes, electric boosters can solve this problem for you.

After more than ten years of development, the fat tire bike is no longer dedicated to riding in the snow or on the beach. Our bikes are meant to ride for outdoor adventures, mountain cross-country, long-distance travel, training and fitness, and leisure travel. In recent years, with the joining of the two bike giants, Lightning Trek, this world of niche fat tires has attracted more outside attention.