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Ultimate Compare: Which Ebike is better for you?

Here at Himiway, we don’t just settle for “good enough”. We are constantly benchmarking our bikes and our customer service against the best e-bike brands in the business to ensure our customers get the most value out of their purchase no matter which model they choose. To do so, we evaluate and perform e-bike comparisons against other brands on a regular basis.


We’ve compared our Himiway Cruiser to the RadRover 5. And while both bikes represent high quality at the same price point, the Himiway Cruiser can carry more and travel further on a single charge. These metrics are important for us to measure because the main reason riders choose Himiway is for the long-range battery and carrying capacity. We need to ensure we stay ahead of the competition in these categories to deliver the best experience to those riders who prioritize range and capacity.


We’ve also looked at the Himiway Cruiser vs. the Aventon Aventure. While the Aventure matched the Cruiser in many key areas, the Aventon Aventure was not available at a low enough price point to justify choosing the Aventure over the similarly equipped Cruiser with a longer range. We know an affordable e-bike is key for many riders who are looking to save money on gas or car repairs. Therefore, delivering our products at a competitive price point is important for us to monitor at all times.


Finally, we’ve contrasted our new Himiway Zebra against the popular RadRover 6 Plus. While these bikes are both in a slightly more premium category, the Zebra offers a much longer range and a longer warranty in the event anything goes wrong with our product. We want buyers to have confidence in their new purchase for an industry-leading 2 years. That’s double the length of warranty offered by RadRover. This is a point of pride that our manufacturing team takes in the high-quality build of the Himiway models.


Today, however, we want to zoom out and compare our e-bikes against the broader e-bike market and reintroduce some of the key features which all Himiway models come with. Not everyone owns an e-bike yet or has heard of Himiway, so this article will highlight what to look for in an e-bike and how to compare e-bikes for yourself.

Main Features of Himiway E-Bikes


To begin with, let’s take a look at features common to our entire lineup of e-bikes. This list gives you a great foundation to begin comparing e-bike brands. Rest assured your Himiway e-bike will have all of these baseline features, no matter the model you choose:


  • Range - 35 – 80 miles per charge depending on model
  • Battery –Long-range lithium-ion batteries
  • Hub Motor –750W – 1000W depending on model
  • Display – Easy-to-read backlitLCD with USB charging
  • Tires –Fat tires for traction and comfort
  • Warranty – 2-year limited warranty
  • Frame Material - 6061 Aluminum
  • Color – Multiple colors available
  • Throttle Style– Half-twist on all models except the Cobra Pro which comes with a thumb throttle


What to Look for in Other E-Bike Brands


We are naturally biased toward our own brand because we believe it represents the best combination of quality and price, so instead of us comparing one bike to another, we want to provide you with a few of the main features you should consider when researching any e-bike, Himiway or otherwise.



The battery is an integral component of any e-bike, and as such, it should be one of the main items you compare between two or even three different e-bikes. Look for a quality name-brand battery such as Samsung or LG integrated into the bike. Consider how many charge cycles the battery can go through while still maintaining full capacity.


Good long-range batteries should be able to attain a minimum of 35 miles on a single charge. This will be enough to get you to and from your destination without worrying that you will be stranded or need to pedal manually back to your starting point. All Himiway models get a minimum of 35 miles per charge and many of our newest models come with upgraded lithium-ion batteries which give 60 miles per charge minimum.


As an example, the Blix Aveny Skyline advertises up to 45 miles per charge. While this is good, the range could be longer for such a high-priced e-bike and considering the battery is visible on the frame. A similar step-thru, the Himiway Zebra Step-Thru delivers up to 80 miles per charge with an integrated battery so you don’t see it on the frame.  



A good motor is going to be the difference between having fun on your e-bike and simply getting around. It is difficult to describe the joy of twisting your throttle and letting the e-bike take control and zip you along with the speed and comfort of a zephyr.


When looking at motors of different e-bike brands, consider the routes you will typically take when commuting, running errands, or exploring. Are there going to be hills and inclines? Do you need to keep up with quicker traffic? If you answered yes to either of these questions, you’ll want a bike with a 750W motor, at a minimum. We’ve found 750W to be the sweet spot in motor power which is still legal in most areas of the U.S. as well as cost-efficient.


Many e-bikes come with 250W or 500W motors. Unfortunately, that amount of power may not cut it for the modern e-biker. Although the Lectric XP 2.0 foldable e-bike may fit into more compact spaces than non-foldable e-bikes, you may find that the limited power of the 500W motor doesn’t feel very exciting to ride.


This is where the powerful 750W geared hub motor of the Himiway Big Dog fits the bill more nicely. The Big Dog may look aesthetically similar to the Lectric with the same frame style and smaller diameter tires, but that extra power and longer range will allow you to carry whatever you need on your e-bike trip and accelerate quickly when riding with traffic. It is well worth the extra money for the Himiway in this case.


It is important to consider other features such as the tire size, color choices, and of course, the price point of any e-bike, but we firmly believe the best e-bike is the one you love to ride. Therefore, choose an e-bike with a long-lasting battery and powerful motor from a company with a reputation for good quality, customer service, and continuous improvement.