Foldable Chain Lock VS U lock: what is the difference?

Foldable Chain Lock VS U lock: what is the difference?

If you are riding an e-bike then you certainly know and pay great attention to keeping your E-bike safe. Just like the traditional bikes, the e-bike too can be safely locked while you go to work or run certain errands. The market today offers an abundance of different chains for your E-bike, among which the most popular is the E-bike foldable chain lock and the U lock. But, like everything else, there are certain variations in the properties and the properties of these chains.


The first and the most important role of the chain is to keep the E-bike safe. This means that with this chain, you can lock your bike on the areas that are designed for bikes and E-bikes, and have peace of mind that it will be there when you come back. Such locks are the best possible protection when leaving the E-bike outdoors, of course, if you do not have the luxury to bring it to your office during work hours. Moreover, you cannot go everywhere with your E-bike, like the closed spaces, so you need to leave it outside, safe and secure.


So, when it is established that the lock is a necessary and very much needed part of your E-bike, the question is which type to pick it? Is there a difference between the E-bike foldable chain lock and the U lock? Is the one better than the other? Which one will serve you best, for your lifestyle and needs? Here, we break down everything you need to know about the chain lock and the U lock, their pros and cons, and why you should or should not pick one over the other.

 What is a foldable chain lock?

The foldable e-bike chain locks are pretty new on the market. They have been designed and created to solve some of the problems of the more traditional u-locks and chains. What makes the foldable chain lock unique is that it is made from a series of connected steel plates. They are shaped to provide you with an abundance of locking options. Then, this chain can be folded down into a compact package, which makes it very easy and practical to carry around.

 What are the advantages of foldable bike locks?

The foldable e-bike locks are a bit heavier than the U-lock. Although both types provide the same internal locking space and the same level of protection, the U-lock is much lighter than the foldable lock. However, because it can be variously shaped (by folding the plates in one direction or another) it provides more locking opportunities than any U-lock. For example, your E-bike could never be locked to a bulky post or some large street furniture with a U-lock. With the foldable chain, that is not a problem. Since the folding chains fall into a compact package, they are very easy to carry around. You can easily wear them into a bag or put them into a supplied frame mount. Whichever the case, their transport will be super easy. When carried in a bag, they take up a lot less room than the U-lock. There will be no movement and it will not fall off the bag or the frame.

 What are the disadvantages of the foldable e-bike lock?

The folding e-bike lock is more practical than the U-lock and the chains in regular. But, it can take a longer time to lock or unlock because you will need some time to place the plates in position. That depends on how busy the rack where you are locking your E-bike is. Since the construction is more complex, the folding e-bike chain might function less after they have experienced some attack. Damaged rivets or plates will still protect the bike, but they might not work properly.

Another thing is that the folding e-bike lock tends to be less secure than the U-locks. This is because the plates are thinner than the u-lock shackles and the rivets are prone to drilling.

 What is a U-lock?

The U-lock is a sold metal shackle that has a removable crossbar. They are positioned like a loop around the bike frame and the post, and in that way, they secure the e-bike. The U locks come in different sizes, and the giant padlocks come with a cable to loop through the quick-release wheels.

What are the advantages of the U-lock?

The u-lock provides a similar level of toughness and protection to the foldable chain. However, it is much cheaper, and it is lighter. The lighter chain means that you can more easily transport it and carry it around, without feeling any weight. The stiff shape that the u-lock is made of makes the chain easier to fasten around. You just need to find a suitable place to lock your E-bike and you will be done in a second. As mentioned, above, they do come with an additional cable too.

What are the disadvantages of the U-lock?

One of the main disadvantages of this type of lock is that it might be difficult to loop through some bike frames. This is because of the stiff shape it has, which cannot be changed. This also refers to the problems with carrying the lock around. Namely, such a defined shape might be difficult for some to carry around, but it remains lighter than the other types of chains. For those who opt for a smaller size of U-chin, they might find it difficult to fit around lampposts and larger posts.


Overall, both types of chains are good and they will protect your E-bike. The final choice depends entirely on you, which means you need to think about what do you want from your bike lock. U-locks are the cheaper option, but the foldable chains act as a stronger visual deterrent.