Best cycling route in Florida electric bikes

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Sunshine is the best business card in Florida, with excellent sunshine time, even in winter, it is not affected by snowstorms. It is a paradise for people who love outdoor leisure sports. Florida's good natural resources, land, sea, and air facilities are all available. With a strong outdoor sports culture, it always attracts people from all over the world to go to the "pilgrimage." Among them, Key West (the southernmost point in the United States), a picturesque environment, deeply embraced by the Atlantic Ocean and the Gulf of Mexico, is a sacred place that cyclists must not miss in their lifetime!

Located on the southeastern coastline of the United States and the southernmost tip of Florida, Key West is like a pearl on the sea between the Atlantic Ocean and the Gulf of Mexico, about 175 miles from Miami, Florida, and the shortest distance from Havana, Cuba 90 miles, it is the southernmost city in the United States.

Key West is the southernmost point of the US National Highway 1. There are 42 cross-sea bridges connecting various small islands on the National Highway 1. There is no fear of getting lost when riding here because there is only one road, so you don't want to "turn around" method. Both sides of National Highway 1 are the blue seascapes of the Atlantic Ocean and the Mexican Sea. The sea breezes and the beautiful scenery make you believe that there is really a sea riding in the world.

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Route 1: A hundred-mile long march accompanied by the sea

Cycling is one of the most popular ways to explore the epic locations in the United States today. Local riders will also plan different itinerary trips according to their characteristics and categories.

Starting from Key largo (also known as the Great Key Island), travel all the way through Islamorada, grassy key, lower keys to Key West Road, locals also call it "Overseas Highway", a total riding distance of about 100 miles, suitable for the usual sports, riding habits, and endurance riders challenge.

It is recommended that riders use long-distance challenges to ride road bikes. Hard-tail mountain bikes can also ride here. However, due to the long distance, riders need more physical fitness to complete this challenge in a single day. There are also riders who use a timing car with a rest handle, but this is the way that few riders use.

During the 100-mile journey, riders are advised to take a break at the Seven Mile Bridge at the shooting location of "The Real Lie". The old Seven Mile Bridge originally stretched along the Florida Railroad to Key West, but a hurricane severely damaged the bridge. After the destruction, it was later rebuilt into a highway bridge dedicated to cars. Until 1982, another road was built next to it, which was built parallel to the old Qili Bridge. In addition, riders can also approach Bahiaon when approaching Key West. Bahia Honda State Park (Bahia Honda State Park) rest, enter in the best state.

Route 2: Slow life free riding

Key West, with its uniqueness and creativity, is also known as the "Conch Republic". In addition to the local bus and self-driving tour, the most suitable way to travel in Key West is by bicycle.

Riding in Key West pays attention to rest and leisure. These are suitable for slow travel to keep the best bits and pieces. On the road, you can see many people visiting by bicycles. Dazzling Himiway beach cruiser bike has become local kings. The leisurely atmosphere also allowed Key West to raise a lot of writers and artists. Among them, the former home of the famous book "The Old Man and the Sea" and the Nobel Prize winner Ernest Miller Hemingway is located here, and it is now changed to a museum. Hemingway's former home, and Sloopy Joe's Bar, which he and the six-toed cat frequent, have also become local tourist attractions.

Key West is also hailed as the “Sunset Capital of the World”. The best place to watch is at Sunset Square. In addition to looking forward to the sun going down and dusk, the wide neighborhood is also a good place for riders. The southernmost sign of the United States and the beginning and end of the US National Highway 1 are both good places for riders to ride around.