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5 Things We All Hate About Electric Bikes

We are all enthusiasts who love electric bikes, but after owning one for a while, we will find that there are actually things we hate. Himiway did some email surveys of customers, and many customers gave their opinions.

Himiway Electric Bike

1. Electric bike makes me lazy

"I have to admit that since I have an electric bike, I rarely go shopping on foot. I haven't gotten up early to eat breakfast for a month, but I have one more task, which is to go shopping 3 miles away. I used to enjoy going out for a walk with my wife in the evening, but now we are both lazy. We are now used to going out by bike and we go a lot further. It turned out that my new bike has made me lazier and lazier."Collin Rodefer said.

2. I have more time and don't know what to do with it

"I am an engineer and I am used to riding my mountain bike to work every day. I think this way I can exercise. Riding my bike takes an hour and a half on the road every day, I don't think there is anything wrong with it. But then a friend recommended me to buy a Himiway Cruiser, and my commute time to and from work was shortened to less than half an hour. I was surprised and enjoyed the feeling of reaching 20mph, very fast. However, when I came home from work, I found that I had more time and didn't know how to arrange it. Maybe I was just not used to it," Teague Jones said.

3. Broke the balance of mobility tools

"Most of the friends around me choose to ride this kind of electric bicycle instead of ordinary bicycles. I rarely see bicycle shops in the streets where I live, but all kinds of electric bicycles. I think this may break the balance of mobility tools, but no matter what, I own the Himiway Cruiser, which also has the function of a bicycle. Even if I hate to break this balance, this is what the times must go through" Barbara Smith said.

4. My car is almost scrapped

"I won't move my car unless there are arrangements on weekends or rainy days. In this way, since I bought this Himiway Cruiser, I have saved nearly $300 in gas and parking fees each month. However, I was disappointed because my wife would not let me drive easily. I might consider selling my car after a while. I am 62 years old. Maybe I don’t need it anymore. If something happens, I can let my son drive me." Steven Wills said.

5. My electric bike is always remembered by thieves

"You may not imagine what happened to me. I bought two electric bikes twice. The first two electric bikes were stolen by thieves. I hate them very much. They are too brave and steal when I go to the store to just buy something. But this time I was very careful, every time I left the bike I would lock it, in order to prevent thieves from stealing it again. I am very satisfied with this bike. I think the Himiway Cruiser is better than the electric bikes I bought before and it is much cheaper."John Wolcott said.