the knowledge of 28 inch electric bikes

4 Things You Must Know About 28 Inch Electric Model Bikes

With the rising popularity of electric bikes, came the trends of big tires, which particularly refers to the 28-inch bike tires. For those who are not very into the size of tires, the difference might not be so evident, especially if you take into consideration the regular mountain bikes. However, electric bikes have become so demanded and popular, and what especially makes them stand out are the 28 inches fat tires. So, the greatest difference here is between the 26- inch wheel and the 28-inch wheel, which is 2 inches in diameter. This is the difference in size, which can vary due to the widths and depths of the tires that are used. However, for electric bicycles, the 28-inch tires are the most suitable ones, and here are some tips that you need to know about these bike tires

The pros of 28 Inch Wheels

There are significant pros when it comes to comparing the bigger and the smaller wheels. What makes electric bikes especially stand out in their category is the stability they provide, which comes from the bigger tires. Following this, it is more than clear that the 28-Inch wheels are much better than the smaller ones. The biggest pros that one can experience from the 28-Inch wheels are:


  • The 28-inch bike tires offer better momentum when rolling. This directly results in more progress with using less effort. It also delivers faster rolling over open terrain.
  • A larger tire, for example, the 28-inch bike tire, when contacting area on trail, gives better traction and control, which can be seen and felt when climbing and cornering.
  • The 28-inch tire offers a higher “attack angle”. This means that the wheels roll over the trail obstacles producing less impact. This also reduces fatigue and smooths out the trail.  


The riding experience with the 28-inch bike tire is much better in terms of stability and control, and decreases the on-trail panic attacks, and provides more comfort and confidence.


The cons of 28 Inch Wheels

Although the pros prevail, there are some cons regarding the 28-Inch wheels. Among the users, the 28-inch bike tires have shown to be less exciting than the small tires. This comes close to the difficulty to negotiate the sharp bends. This also contributes to the heaviness of the entire E-bike, which makes it heavy and huge to store and carry. Finally, the bigger wheels can be a bit slow in making the Adrenaline-induced actions and making the entire process slower.

Difference between 26-Inch and 28-Inch Wheel

As mentioned above, there are differences that make each of the wheel sizes suitable for different bikes and uses. In the case of E-bikes, here are the biggest differences between the 26-Inch and the 28-inch wheels:

  • Fit - When it comes to the fit, most bike frames fit only one size wheel, or two at the most, which need to be very similar. The comparison between the 26-inch wheel land the 28-Inch wheel shows a lot of dissimilarities. The 28-inch wheel is too large to fit into a 26-Inch frame. The brake on the 28-inch wheel will not reach enough to work with a 26-inch wheel. These are two big differences.
  • Function – the function of these two different wheels can be seen differently in the different types of bikes. For example, in the US, the 26-inch wheels are added on adult mountain bikes and some comfort, hybrid, and cruiser bikes. The 28-inch bike tires can be found on English, Dutch, Chinese, and Indian rod-brake roadsters.
  • Speed – For the off-road bikes, there is a significant difference in speed, making the 26-inch bike tires much slower than the 28-Inch wheels. The 26-inch mountain bike tires have better traction in off-road conditions. That makes them faster.
  • Used materials – before the 1980s, steel was the standard wheel material. In the 21st century, aluminum wheels became a standard option. The fractional 26-inch tires are an older style, and they are always in steel. The 28-inch bike tires in Asia and Netherlands are steel, while the others, in the US, are typically aluminum.

How to buy 28-Inch Electric Bike

At Himiway, you find the best electric bikes on the market. Owning an E-bike is one of the biggest trends and the advantages of modern-day living. The E-bike holds so many benefits that each rider will find more than suitable and desirable.


The Fat Tire Electric Bike and the All-Terrain Step-Thru Electric bike are known for their wide wheels and tires, which makes them exceptionally interesting and demanded the ones looking for stability and full enjoyment.


The Fat Tire Electric Bike features unique properties such as extraordinary battery capacity, LCD Display, Pedal assistance power adjustment, odometer, speedometer, wattmeter, and USB charging. As the name suggests, the fat tires provide excellent stability, and flowing motion, enabling the rider to enjoy the benefits of the E-bike without much effort. It is great for different kinds of terrain as well as it can serve as a city bike too.


The All-Terrain Step-Thru Electric Bike is another best-selling E-bike. The first and the most noticeable difference that one can spot is the elegance of the bike, making it perfectly suitable for women too. The special input in the design and the layout add to its sophistication. The fat tires offer a set of benefits, making them a perfect everyday vehicle choice. Suitable for all different kinds of terrains, this is a bike that you will instantly fall in love with.


Similar yet different, both the E-bikes of the Himiway offer fat tires – the novelty among the E-bikes that deliver fabulous riding results.