Himiway 2023 New Products

Himiway 2023 Product Launch Conference: A Look Back

On March 16, Himiway hosted its 2023 product launch conference, “Inspiration, Innovation, and Revolution." During the event, the company revealed its latest range of products, which included an impressive lineup of e-bikes featuring cutting-edge technologies and unique designs. Himiway also introduced its new mission of empowering individuals with sustainable, eco-friendly transportation options.

The event also saw the launch of several new products designed to meet the changing needs of modern consumers. While we’re sitting back and expecting the 2023 product launch, let’s look back at the event’s highlights from Himiway's perspective, discussing the product range, new brand mission, achievements, and introductions.

Long range ebike brand | Himiway

Introducing the Theme of the Event - Further Every Way

At the recent conference, we showcased how we live up to that goal. Our development in several key areas will surely excite riders and potential customers.

Himiway team's work is summed up in three words - Further Every Way, which are deeply embedded in the core of the Himiway team. Himiway is guided by the principles of 'Inspiration, Innovation, Revolution', with inspirations always coming from customers. To this end, Himiway have conducted both questionnaires and one-on-one interviews with customers over the last year. The valuable feedback received from these surveys has inspired our development process and helped shape our products to better meet the needs of our customers. The following areas are the aspects that Himiway will strive to innovate:

Range Anxiety

One primary concern for people considering e-bikes is range anxiety. With most e-bikes only able to travel 45 miles on a single charge, many riders worry about running out of juice mid-ride. Himiway's e-bikes boast a range of 60-80 miles thanks to their larger battery capacity. This means riders can go further and explore more without worrying about their battery dying.


Many assume ebikes are too expensive and unrealistic for everyday use. Himiway aims to change that perception by providing excellent products at a lower price than similar competitors. By doing so, we hope to make e-bikes more accessible and popular among a wider audience.

Female-Focused Models

The e-bike market has traditionally been male-dominated, with high-performance models catering mainly to men. Himiway is redirecting the focus more on the needs of female customers and riders. By creating female-focused models that address women’s specific needs and preferences, we hope to make e-biking a more inclusive and diverse activity.

Expansion of Categories

Expanding the categories of e-bikes is a focus area of development for Himiway. While we have focused on off-road, all-terrain, and fat tire e-bikes in the past, we plan to develop new models for different types of riders and riding styles. From city to mountain bikes, road bikes to commuters, folding bikes to beach cruisers, and even kid's bikes, there will be a Himiway e-bike for every need and preference.

At Himiway, we highly value our customers' feedback and continuously strive to incorporate it into our product development. Our mission is centered around prioritizing customer satisfaction and delivering value, which drives us to create innovative and exciting e-bike products that exceed expectations. By always keeping our focus on "Further Every Way", we hope to continue leading the way in the e-bike industry and contribute to a bright future for e-biking.

Introduction of New Brand Mission

Himiway has a new mission, and it's all about changing the way people travel. We aim for everyone to choose E-BIKEs as their preferred means of transportation, and we're taking significant steps to make that happen.

The New Mission

Our new mission is to enable everyone to enjoy the freedom e-bike travel offers. It's not just words - it includes further actions, thinking, products, and appearance. You can bet we’re making this mission a reality.

Our New Logo

One of the ways we're signaling this change is with a new logo. Our old logo has served us since Himiway's inception in 2017, and we're grateful to the 100,000 riders and all e-bike riders who have accompanied us through the first chapter of our journey. But it's time for a new look that reflects our different vision and mission.

Himiway New Logo

The new logo features a rocket, representing breakthroughs and progress in human civilization. The Himiway team embodies this spirit and aims to push forward to new heights and accomplishments. We want to help users go further, physically and mentally, and enjoy the freedom of e-bike travel.

Himiway is committed to achieving its goal of getting everyone on E-BIKEs. It's our lifelong mission, and we're taking it seriously. We're dedicated to achieving this through actions and innovation in 2023. So get ready to see more from Himiway as we lead the charge toward a new era of travel.

Recap of Himiway's 2022

In 2022, Himiway began its first charity program by participating in 2 Tour De Cure charity rides and sponsoring the New England Parkinson's Ride in Old Orchard Beach, Maine. The company raised over $1.5 million for the Michael J. Fox Foundation for Parkinson's disease research and treatment. The goal is to raise $3 million in donations by the end of 2023.

Himiway riders also reduced carbon emissions by 32,700 tons in 2022. We had over 30 test ride events, pop-up events, and expos throughout the United States and Europe. The company established its first Himiway flagship store in San Diego, California, in 2022, with plans to open ten more stores in 2023. By the end of 2022, the company also found over 300 dealers nationwide, and in the second half of 2022, the number of Himiway riders exceeded 100,000.

Introduction of Himi Zone

Himi Zone is our brand that focuses on e-bike accessories, allowing you to create your own ultimate riding experience. Himiway is excited that customers are embracing environmentally-friendly e-bikes, prioritizing delivering better products and services to their customers. Our goal for 2023 is to offer over 400 high-quality e-bike accessories to personalize and enhance riding experiences.

Himi Zone offers bags, racks, lights, mirrors, and more to make every ride unique. Whether commuting or adventuring, customers can personalize their e-bikes to work for them. Himiway is committed to customer satisfaction and taking this journey with its customers. Prepare to enhance your riding experience with Himi Zone.

New Products Introduction

The long awaiting new products introduced by Himiway are Himiway Rambler, Himiway Rhino, and the Himiway Rhino Pro. 


Electric City Commuter Bike | Himiway Rambler

Himiway Rambler

If you need a versatile and powerful electric bike that can handle complex urban roads and long distances, look no further than the Himiway Rambler Electric Bike. This e-bike is the perfect choice for anyone who wants a reliable, stylish, and easy-to-use ride that can provide years of reliability.

Motor and Pedal Assistance

Equipped with a powerful 48-volt, 500-watt motor, the Rambler can cruise up to 25 mph. This significantly improved compared to most city and cruiser e-bikes, typically equipped with 36-volt motors ranging from 250W to 350W. The Rambler also features five levels of pedal assistance, making it easy to customize your speed to your desired level of exertion.


The Rambler has a high-capacity 48-volt, 720-watt-hour battery. This battery uses 21700 EV-grade cells, which have 21% higher density than 18650 batteries, providing a larger capacity charge within the same battery size. The Rambler offers an impressive range of up to 55 miles, making it the highest-range performer among city and cruiser e-bikes. In real-world range tests, the Rambler delivered an impressive range of 55 miles at level 1, with an average speed of 10mph.

Brakes and Lights 

The Rambler has hydraulic brakes for better braking distance and safety during leisurely rides. The Himiway taillight is also larger and brighter, making riders more visible to those behind them, and embedded with the brand new Himiway logo.

Price and Color

The Rambler comes in mint green, pearl white, and Himi grey. The hydraulic brakes version is priced at $1499, while the mechanical brakes version price is $1299. For those who want the mid-drive and hydraulic version, it is $2199.


Himiway Rambler Electric Bike is a high-performing and durable e-bike perfect for those who want a reliable, stylish, easy-to-use ride that can handle complex urban roads and long distances. The Rambler provides years of enjoyable riding with its powerful motor, high-capacity battery, and advanced features.

Himiway Rhino

A superb addition to the Himiway family of ebikes is the Himiway Rhino – a dual-battery electric mountain bike. With this new addition to our lineup, Himiway promises to deliver an e-bike that offers riders the ultimate long-range off-road experience.

Himiway Rhino - the first dual-battery E-bike

The Himiway Rhino is the first electric bike to feature not one but two powerful batteries. Each battery has 48 volts and 15 Ah, providing a total capacity of 1440 Wh. This is 50% more than Himiway's current longest-range models, allowing the Rhino to travel up to 100 miles on a single charge. Its well-balanced frame and powerful 1000-watt motor, paired with 4.5-inch tires, make it a capable off-road machine. The Rhino can be charged just once and lasts up to 3 weeks, based on riding 30 miles weekly.

Dual-battery design

Himiway's dual-battery design features two 720-watt-hour battery packs built into two tubes to reduce charging time. Both chargers can charge simultaneously, cutting the charging time in half compared to a single 1440Wh battery pack. This allows riders to spend less time charging and more time riding.

Himiway NEW 4.5' fat tires

The Himiway Rhino has brand new 4.5' fat tires, widened tread treads, and a redesigned rocket logo. The tread has an overall 30% increase in area, providing better off-road riding and braking performance. With this tire performance, riders can move smoother on all terrains, enhancing the Rhino's off-road capabilities.

Other features

The Himiway Rhino also boasts other impressive features, such as 180mm hydraulic disc brakes for added safety, a brand new headlight and taillight with the rocket logo for visibility and safety during nighttime riding, and a completely new 9-level speed shift system for a better overall riding experience.

Price and Color 

The Himiway Rhino is available in Midnight Forest and Himi Grey. Its price is $3,199, but a pre-order discount of $200 is available, bringing the cost down to $2,999.


The Himiway Rhino is the ultimate long-range, off-road electric bike with a powerful motor, dual battery design, and optimize tire performance. Himiway continues to innovate in technology and deliver the best e-bike experience for its users. The Rhino is a prime example of Himiway's dedication to pushing the boundaries of electric bike technology and creating e-bikes that deliver an unmatched riding experience.

Mid-drive Ebike | Himiway Rhino Pro

The Mid-Drive Version: Himiway Rhino Pro

Himiway Rhino Pro is the newest electric mountain bike from Himiway, designed to outdo the previous model, Cobra Pro. With cutting-edge technology and features, the Rhino Pro promises to be a game-changer in the e-bike industry.

Mid-Drive Motor

The standout feature of the Rhino Pro is its 1000-watt Mid-Drive Motor. Its motor is the best in the e-bike industry, providing greater torque with a maximum of 160 Newton meters. This results in the fastest acceleration and best climbing performance, making it the most capable e-bike for tough terrains.

Shimano 10-Speed Gear Shift System

The Rhino Pro has a Shimano 10-speed gear shift system, providing higher precision and smoother shifting for better control performance. This feature lets riders shift gears easily and quickly in different terrains and environments, providing more control and freedom for off-road enthusiasts.

Dual-Battery System 

The Rhino Pro boasts a dual-battery system with a total capacity of 1440 wh and a range of up to 100 miles. This is made possible by 21700 EV-grade battery cells with a 21% higher density, enabling two high-capacity batteries to fit into two slender frames.

Other Features 

Other features of the Rhino Pro include 26x4.5 inch Himiway fat tires, 180mm hydraulic disc brakes, a full-color LED display, and the new Himiway headlight and taillight. These features make the Rhino Pro the ultimate off-road beast, designed for the toughest terrain and off-road riding.

Price and Availability

The Rhino Pro is available for pre-order on himiwaybike.com for $3,999. At $4,199, it's one of the most affordable mid-drive e-bikes on the market.


The Himiway Rhino Pro is the ultimate off-road beast, with the longest range and the best-performing e-bike for off-road enthusiasts. With cutting-edge features and a price point that is hard to beat, the Rhino Pro promises to be a game-changer in the e-bike industry.


Himiway has just announced its latest line of e-bikes - the Pony, Rambler, Rhino, and Rhino Pro. Each model boasts unique features and selling points catering to different riders. Whether you're looking for a compact city bike, a comfortable cruiser, or an off-road adventure vehicle, Himiway has you covered. And with prices ranging from $499 to $3,999, there's an e-bike for every budget. Place your order today to start your next biking adventure!