Himiway Cruiser All Terrain Commute Road Electric Bike

Riding Changes Life - 4 Reasons to Fall in Love with HIMIWAY

For most people, it seems impractical to spend a few hours a day on cycling, as amateurs can feel pressured by strict mile-by-day cycling day after day. However, insisting on riding every day is still manageable, and it can have many positive effects on your life. Below I will list 4 benefits of cycling every day and I am assured that you will love HIMIWAY!

Himiway Cruiser All Terrain Commute Road Electric Bike

1. Enjoying a commute ride

If you want to ride a bike every day and worry about time constraints, one of the most perfect ways is to integrate it into your life and make it a part of your daily commute.

Bicycles are different from gym exercises, they can easily be combined with your daily life, cycling to and from the office can save a few minutes. Riders in Portland, United States, ride at least two and a half hours per week, with short trips taking up most of this time. Of course, if your commute is really long, you can also include cycling as part of the mode of transportation. If conditions permit, Ebike is indeed a great choice.

2. Hone your mind and improve your psychology

When you get into the habit of cycling to work, you will be better prepared for what will happen in the future. In the case of not needing to use a car on the weekend, you can complete the task quickly and easily by riding a himiway electric bicycle. Relevant research shows that daily exercise can make people more energetic and reduce fatigue. Even a short 30-minute exercise can improve reaction time and enhance memory, inspiring people to create ideas.

Physical therapist, Corey Kunzer, classified cycling as one of his most recommended sports. Because cycling helps relieve joint stress, it also reduces psychological anxiety and depression. Through relevant questionnaires, we found that the overall mental health of those who commute to work everyday will be greatly improved.

3. Burn your calories

We often imagine how good it would be if we were to eat whatever we wanted every day! Forget it, it was a dream. Even if you exercise harder, you still can't eat another donut. However, a daily exercise on a himiway electric bike can help you relax your dietary restrictions.

Researchers at the University of Bath conducted an experiment in which two groups of men exercised a lot, but only one group was asked to stick to it everyday. Despite taking in as many calories as possible, considering the calories burned by exercise, a group of people who exercised rigorously each day offset the adverse effects of overeating, such as high blood sugar and unhealthy metabolic changes. "One of the reasons daily exercise is so useful is that it makes our muscles a" buffer "for food," said study author Dylan Thomas, professor of health sciences at the University of Bath. "When you use your muscles, Over time, they break down carbohydrate and fat reserves".

4.Extended life

Commuting by bike will not only make your life healthier and happier, but it will also make you live longer by sticking to it year after year. Himiway makes your life become a trickle.

A large Norwegian research survey found that a group of more than 70 and more than 80 elderly men could extend their life span by 5 years compared with men who did not do any physical activity. Another study in Taiwan, China, surveyed more than 400,000 adults, asked them how much time they exercised, and conducted follow-up surveys of respondents for up to eight years. It turned out that just 15 minutes of exercise per day increased their life expectancy by 3 years. When investigators started the study, none of these people were young and most of them did not have incredible athletic ability. Therefore, it is not too late to start.

Of course, if you haven't prepared for long-term daily cycling, then you should choose an electric bike that suits you. Ride at any time, exercise at any time and enjoy life at any time. The habit is slowly developed. It's your best choice!