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Black Friday and Cyber Monday: Big Discounts and Hot Promotions at Himiway!

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From any shopping enthusiast's perspective, it is important to know that Black Friday and Cyber Monday are the two biggest and most exciting retail events of the year. What's interesting to note this year, is that some recent reports even state that people are hoping to spend more money on this holiday season than in years before. In order to match our shoppers' eagerness this year, here is Himiway, we want to give great discounts and promotions for our loyal customers to encourage happy shopping and kick off the holiday season with a bang!

For this upcoming promotional shopping season, we extremely recommend the Himiway Cruiser all-terrain electric bicycle. You can gift this special e-bike to your significant other, family members, colleagues, or friends, as truly one of the best gifts money can buy. It is a thrilling high-speed electric bike that can be used to leisure, errand-running, sport, or just getting around. Suitable for all ages, the Himiway Cruiser is an affordable, convenient and environmentally-friendly way for you to keep in shape, keep happy and even lose weight or gain muscle. Does it sound too good to be true? Here are some reasons why the Himiway E-bike will be the hottest gift of this 2019 Holiday Season.

To begin, the Himiway brand cuts out the middleman, so they can offer you factory-direct prices in order for you to save money. The best part about the two major shopping days, Black Friday and Cyber Monday, is that customers feel ecstatic and joyful to buy something that they want or need with a significant discount. We know that buying bikes and vehicles in stores usually means getting your ride faster, but this method costs a lot more than buying online. However, buying cars or bikes on some platforms online can be cheaper, however, if it's not a trusted site with good reviews, the quality can be terrible and the customer loses out on their hard-earned money. The Himiway electric bicycle is different, as our bikes and supplementary products are sold as factory direct products. This is truly the best of both worlds: great discounted prices and the quality of your ride guaranteed. We have the most professional after-sales service team and lots of great reviews to stand by our products. At Himiway, we care and we will solve any problems you may have, as soon as possible!

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Furthermore, the Himiway Cruiser model meets all the needs of e-bike all-terrain riding. Our Himiway electric bicycle has a 750W motor and a 48V17.5Ah Samsung/LG battery, providing superpower for your rides, a long-lasting battery life, and it even adapts to complex and abruptly changing surfaces such as beaches, snow, forests and steep slopes. The all-terrain riding capability of our bikes definitely increase the pleasant riding experience for the biking enthusiast, whether they have experienced cyclist or a new rider! In addition, the Himiway e-bike has proven to meet the needs of all ages. For the average person who needs a commute to work every day, the daily stuffed-up metro, traffic jams on the roads, and just the slow-paced public transportation routine in general, add annoyance and frustration to our already busy lives. Also, for those who enjoy having a hobby on the side, like owning and upkeeping a pricey car, or children who enjoy raising and training a pet like a horse, you will find these are surely both very costly and laborious leisure choices. Lastly, for the retired and elderly at home, it is not always convenient or possible for them to travel and getting up hills and sudden inclines can be painful or time-consuming. So conversely, owning an electric bike is a time-efficient, pain-free way to avoid traffic, cut costs or expensive leisure activities, and get people to where they want to go, no matter their age or situation. The Himiway e-bike easily solves all the problems of adults rushing to work, the elderly looking for a way to stay active but who may still need assistance here and there, and even young children who just love to play and want a fit and fun hobby such as cycling! This is why the Himiway e-bike is undoubtedly the best alternative to any other mode of transportation on the market right now, and why it’s surely a great gift for anyone, any age.

Finally, the last reason why Himiway Cruiser is a great choice to purchase for this holiday season is because of its three riding easily changeable riding modes. The Himiway electric bicycle has three convenient modes, so there is lots of variance to every ride. You can start with the pure riding mode, which can help those who want to get fit and healthy exercise and keep the original feeling of a standard bicycle. Next, there is the power-assisted cycling mode which saves energy and adds power and kicks to your cycling as you go. This mode is great for when you want to still burn calories and lose weight but need a little extra help with higher inclines or steep hills. The last mode of the Himiway e-bike is the pure electric riding mode, which can easily go up to 20MPH riding speed so you can ride safely and reach the places you want to reach, fast! You have to try it yourself to feel how fun and exciting it feels to have that much power beneath your feet as you paddle on the Himiway Cruiser e-bike!

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All in all, it is clear to see why The Himiway Cruiser Electric Bike is an extremely hot seller this year and the best gift to get someone in your life or even purchase for yourself. In order to give our highly respected customers the best deals this shopping season, and to ring in the upcoming holidays the right way. In addition, because we really want to treat our loyal customers and give you all a happy and exciting shopping experience, we will ALSO be giving free shipping, free bicycle back racks and free mystery gift packages to the first 100 buyers on these very popular shopping days. All of us at Himiway are warmly wishing you happy holidays and a happy shopping season, and we welcome you to act fast! What are you waiting for? Get your Himiway Cruiser E-bike Now!