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Zebra Premium All terrain bike

A Blend Of Mountain & Urban Cruiser- The Himiway Premium All-terrain E-bike

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Himiway Cruiser Electric Fat Bike

The best all terrain ebike, from forests to sandy beaches and dense snow.

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Escape Pro Moped-style Electric Bike

Kids prefer toys, grown-ups desire power,
Himiway Escape can give you all.

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Himiway Step Thru Electric Bike

Ride with convenience, ride with versatility, and ride with elegance.

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Cobra Electric Mountain Bike

Smoothest Ride On The Mountain, designing for the pros

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Himiway Softail Electric Mountain Bike

The Ultimate Professional Softail Electric Mountain Bike

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Big Dog Electric Cargo Bike

All Rounder Covers All Needs. You Big Dog Is As Reliable As Yours.

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The bike turned out to be quite a ride and performed better than I expected! It has much great performance, such as wide range, variable speed, reasonable price, and so on.


Electric Bike manufacturer and seller Himiway makes daily commute much easier and cooler with its stylish all-terrain electric bicycles.


The large-capacity Samsung battery and the Shimano seven-speed transmission are really impressive, and the outstanding safety performance and reliable two-year warranty demonstrate their customer first purpose.


The Velo soft saddle on the Cruiser is one of the most comfortable seats I’ve tested. It strikes the perfect balance between comfort, ride quality, and price.


I was impressed with the hi-quality of the fit and finish of this bike, plus its stability and handling. It was easy to assemble and had no rough edges.

Clean Technica

The Himiway Cruiser electric bike feels like a good choice for those riders who need a versatile electric bike that can do it all, but don’t want to pay out the nose for it.


If you haven’t ridden a bike in years or you’re not riding much in general, Himiway Cruiser is an excellent choice. It is an all-terrain electric fat bicycle with pedal-assist and throttle.


It is easier than ever to find the perfect electric bicycle that makes cycling nearly effortless (should you choose) or innovative concepts like Himiway e-bikes that make cycling over less-traditional cycling terrains doable with technology that adapts.

Bicycle Guider

I’m extremely curious of how the better spec’d Cobra Pro performs with its pricier and more complex suspension system.

John Dougherty

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