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Zebra Premium All terrain bike

A Blend Of Mountain & Urban Cruiser- The Himiway Premium All-terrain E-bike

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Big Dog Electric Cargo Bike

All Rounder Covers All Needs. You Big Dog Is As Reliable As Yours.

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Cobra Electric Mountain Bike

Smoothest Ride On The Mountain, designing for the pros

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Himiway Cruiser Electric Fat Bike

The best all terrain ebike, from forests to sandy beaches and dense snow.

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Escape Pro Moped-style Electric Bike

Kids prefer toys, grown-ups desire power,
Himiway Escape can give you all.

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Himiway Step Thru Electric Bike

Ride with convenience, ride with versatility, and ride with elegance.

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Himiway Softail Electric Mountain Bike

The Ultimate Professional Softail Electric Mountain Bike

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Driving the Cruiser is a Lüanxing 750-watt hub motor with an impressive 80nm of torque paired with an enormous 840 watt-hour battery to provide plenty of power and range, the electric assistance is activated by the tried-and-true combination of a sealed cadence sensor with a twist throttle. Charging the high-capacity battery can take a long time with the basic 2-amp charger, pedaling range is limited due to the 14-28 tooth cassette, mechanical brakes save costs but don't perform as well as hydraulic, and the rear light is independently powered and operated.


The Himiway Cruiser is a powerful all-terrain fat bike that specializes in trudging through snow, sand, and most any other surface while also destroying hill climbs. Priced right around $1,500, we think the Himiway Cruiser and Step-thru offer a lot of value – just be prepared and know that you are getting a powerful e-bike that takes off quickly and is super fast, so hold on tight!

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With its removable 48V Samsung battery and 250W motor, the Himiway Cruiser gives you the freedom to go anywhere within a 60-mile radius. Its 26-inch Kenda fat tyres offer excellent grip and traction over a variety of terrain, as well as a more comfortable riding experience. And, once you’ve learned how to use the e-bike’s high-end Shimano seven-gear shift system to its full potential, you can save 15% of your battery life as you ride.

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The Himiway Big Dog is a new “cargo” bike from Himiway, a popular electric bike brand that has expanded its product line considerably over the last year. While I’m not sure this bike qualifies as a true cargo bike by most definitions, it’s definitely a fun little utility e-bike that cruises more like a mini-moped.


Himiway recently made headlines with the announcement of their research on the latest 4680 batteries for their electric bikes. First adopted by Tesla, these game-changing batteries are assured to offer times more range in comparison to traditional 21700 batteries. The latest 21700 battery Himiway uses now already provides 43% more range, in that light, Himiway organized the Long Range Challenge in August to test the innovative battery technologies and how it has improved the range of the Himiway long-range fat tire electric bike in the real world. During the challenge, each battery averaged an impressive 60-70 miles of range.


On the move, however, you never feel the weight. Even on the lowest, “level 1” pedal assist, the Himiway’s powerful, 750W geared hub motor – fed by a 48V, 20Ah Samsung/LG battery – does a fantastic job of pushing the Zebra along like a bike weighing half as much. In fact, you almost never feel the bike’s mass at all while you’re on the move. The bike’s 7, Shimano trigger-shift gears have just the right ratios, giving a trip through the gears a crisp, linear feel. The big hydraulic disc brakes, too, feel like they’d haul the massive Zebra down from just about any speed with confidence-inspiring stability.

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The Himiway Big Dog E-Bike is built to be your cargo-carrying sidekick while zipping across the city and around the neighborhood. This Class 2 ebike boasts an ultra-wide rear rack and a powerful 750W motor to easily transport kids, groceries, or whatever else you need for your on-the-go lifestyle. Priced at $1,999, the Big Dog is a great choice as a daily commuter and multipurpose bike in and out of the city.


The power is plentiful and it comes on very strong. As with most hub motor equipped bikes, (the majority of under $2500 bikes), the motor turns on when the rider is pedaling and the cranks are rotating. It comes on strong since it really doesn't know how much power the rider wants. And it keeps the power while the rider is pedaling or until the rider touches the brakes.


The first model, Himiway Cruiser, was pretty much a Rad Power Bikes RadRover knock-off. However, the company has come a long way since then. It now offers seven unique models, each one bringing something new to the e-biking table.


The Himiway Zebra comes in high step and step-thru variations offered in grey and white respectively. We chose to review the step-thru for its accessibility. The step-thru design on the Zebra looks cleaner and we prefer it compared to the Himiway Cruiser Step-Thru which is more of a mid-step. Additionally, the battery is hidden nicely in the frame on the Zebra.



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