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Mobile Phone Holder

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    • ALUMINUM ALLOY MATERIAL:The mobile phone holder is composed of all-aluminum frame It is ultra-lightweight and has the characteristics of sturdiness and durability. It can be used for bicycles, motorcycles, folding bikes, scooters, etc.
    • STABLE UPGRADE:the bracket adopts anti-theft screw with special head and special wrench. The bottom of the frame extends out of the arm. The fixed talons are equipped with 3m cushioning glue, which can be more stable and can be perfectly shocked to protect your equipment. The mountain road is rugged and the road conditions are complicated and the ground is out of the bracket.
    • DELICATE FEELING:the surface of the bracket is specially sandblasted, the color is uniform, smooth and delicate, and it does not decolorize for a long time. The overall contour is sharp and angular, and the lines are smooth. Compared with the common brackets on the market, this bracket is not only more durable, but also simple and generous.
    • and in order to further improve the stability, when you use the products on motorcycles, folding bikes and scooters, it is recommended to use the special washers to install the brackets. Enhance the stability of the stent again.