COVID 19 Coronavirus Operations Update

Please read before ordering amid COVID-19

Before sending an email or calling us, please read the entire page carefully. You will be likely to get the answer you want or solve your problem from the following information. Thanks for your support!

About shipping

The bikes belong to the pre-order. If you want to place an order, please go to the product page on our website to check our delivery date. And the shipping time is not fixed, we will modify the time according to the inventory.

We will offer the tracking number within 7 business days about the in-stock items. Due to the delay in express delivery, the delivery time of express delivery will be delayed. Please wait patiently.

When your order ships, you will receive the tracking number via email. If you have not received a shipping confirmation, your order has not shipped.

Please place the order online for delivery. If you want to pick the order up in person, you also need to place the order first and email us to confirm(the picking time is the same as the shipping time according to your order).

Due to the pandemic, shipping carriers are also affected. The transportation time is longer than normal, and tracking movement will be delayed after the label is generated. It doesn't mean that your bike is not shipped.

Daily Update

June 26, 2020: UPS and FedEx are not consistently picking up at our location as contracted due to capacity issues. If you have a tracking number that was created, but not moving, this is why. We have not forgotten you and we are working to get packages delivered ASAP. We will ship the bikes in batches to reduce customers' waiting time.

June 24, 2020: We have created many shipping labels of bikes at the CA warehouse, and we waiting for UPS to pick them up by the trucks.

June 23, 2020: We received and responded to lots of email inquiries on express delivery and transportation time. Due to the pandemic and/or curfew restrictions, UPS cannot scan the label in time. We are trying our best to tackled express delivery about transportation time.

June 22, 2020: The logistics information for a small number of orders has not been updated yet. Because UPS stocked our bikes in their warehouse due to the insufficient employees and curfew. This is why some customers cannot track the order.

June 20, 2020: Both UPS and FedEx have capacity problems in some areas. Movement on tracking numbers will be delayed and shipments are taking longer in transit than normal once picked up. According to our customers who have already received the bikes, your order will take around 7 days to be delivered once UPS starts to transit and update your tracking info..

June 15, 2020: We delivered a large number of orders to UPS today and emailed our customers about the shipping confirmation and tracking number.