Himiway Cruiser All Terrain Fat Tire Electric Bike Story

How Does Himiway Start the Business of Fat Bike?

Something you have to know about Himiway

Adhering to the belief of saving energy, protecting the environment, and producing high-quality and well-performed products with a fair price, Himiway was official released more than a year ago. As an environmentalist, the founder of Himiway, Mike, saw the benefits of using clean energy when he first rode an electric bicycle. As we all know, electric bicycles use electricity as fuel. This benefit not only does not emit carbon dioxide and other polluting gases, but also saves the earth's resources. At the same time, riding an electric bicycle can also keep healthy, which is a lifestyle that Himiway has always advocated. Next, let us learn more about Himiway!

1) About the founder:

Mike Magaruh, the founder of Himiway, when he was in elementary school, he was always tinkering and working on his bikes, changing parts, and upgrading them for better performance. This continued into college where Mike had the chance to study in China where he also loved to ride bikes.

Americans prefer outdoors and adventure far more than the Chinese. As an American, Mike wanted to change the normal e-bike into fat-tire bike for all terrains.

Mike left China and traveled in Asia, talking to different people and manufacturers. When he came back to California, components from countries were there as well.

Each of them arrived in California and got assembled in Mike's garage. After plenty of try-outs, his friend was attracted to it. After some collaboration and talks, they rent a warehouse and an office in Chino, starting their own business, and finally established Himiway with the money earned.

2) About the name: Where did the name HIMIWAY come from

In the past year, we have received many emails from customers asking where our name comes from. Now we will answer it for you. The first bike is a Cruiser. Mike thought of a tough guy when he tried his bike for the very first time. He wanted his all-terrain e-bike to be an American tough guy like Ernest Hemingway, and provide chances to everyone, especially elders experience power assist and easily fight with rugged roads. So Himiway came to his mind. To hell with the luck, Himiway brings the luck with itself. Therefore, we chose the name Himiway to pay tribute to the great man Hemingway.

3) About the material: what's the advantage of the aluminum alloy

As a material second only to steel in industrial use, aluminum alloy has many advantages. First of all, its density is low, but its strength is close to or even higher than steel. This is very suitable for making bicycles, because while ensuring lightness, it has excellent bearing capacity and is the best choice for making bicycles. Secondly, aluminum alloy is very resistant to corrosion and will not rust easily even if it is exposed to salty water. Therefore, even if it rains suddenly, you don't have to worry about your Himiway being corroded by rain.

4) About suppliers: why did we choose Asia

Mike's main reason for setting up the factory in China is because China's labor costs are relatively low, we can invest more in bicycle raw materials, parts, and design and development, and most bicycle manufacturers in the market have the same choice. South Korea's Samsung/LG batteries enjoy a good reputation in the world, and Japan's Shimano transmission system is also the choice of many bicycle manufacturers. Himiway has made a comprehensive consideration and made the most suitable choice from the parts supplier to the bicycle assembly.

Himiway Electric Bike Suppliers Samsung Battery Shimano Shift System

5) About transportation: How does your bike be transported to you

We know that many customers have been questioning why not choose faster shipping methods. First of all, we are grateful for your patience and support for our work. Sea shipping usually takes 20 to 30 days. We choose sea shipping because of the larger capacity of ships, which allows more customers to receive bicycles at one time. At the same time, we will work hard to improve and find ways to make the bicycles reach the warehouse faster to solve the problems that everyone cares about most. After the goods arrive in the warehouse, we will choose the most suitable carrier according to the situation, so as to deliver your bicycle to you safely and quickly. In terms of courier partners, we choose to cooperate with multiple couriers such as FedEx, UPS, USPS, etc. When one of them is short of manpower, we can choose another one to let everyone receive the bicycle as soon as possible.

6) About the brand

We have confidence in our Himiway brand and believe that we will lead the trend of the electric bicycle industry because all our information is transparent and open. Maybe, in the near future, we will show you our factories in Asia, so that the members of Himiway's family can see our entire production process more intuitively, and see how your Himiway is produced.

All in all, in the future, Himiway will continue to move forward and make improvements in insufficient. We also hope that our Himi family will grow bigger and bigger and accompany Himiway's family further.

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