Inseparable Friends: Let Himiway ride with you

Inseparable Friends: Let Himiway walk with you

As a brand that exceptionally cares and improves based on the customer experience and satisfaction, Himiway has supported its users and fans to share the stories they have with their E-bikes. As you already know, the E-bike is quite a big and popular thing today. Some might even consider it a trend. With so much hustle and bustle in the traffic and the city, getting to and from work, as well as running some errands, is much more convenient and fast if you are not in the car or on public transport. Especially with the pandemic, more and more people decided to take cycling, and there was a huge number of those who decided to explore the benefits of the E-bike.

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Having an E-bike today is one huge advantage. Just as the summer is approaching, the nice weather and the warmer temperatures make cycling even more pleasant and enjoyable. And not to mention the fact that the traffic during the rush hours is pretty chaotic. So, there is no better way that to avoid all of that and get to the desired destination with your E-bike. Moreover, it is a far healthier option and suggested activity for all those who are sitting for a long time.

Riding an E-bike has lots of benefits, which makes it suitable for people of different age groups. Additionally, it is a recommended and a suggested activity for all those who are having heart issues and need regular activity to keep their heart rate as well as their blood pressure in check.

Connected to that, here is one sincere and honest story of a happy Himiway E-bike cyclist that has improved his lifestyle and health as soon as he got on his E-bike.

Here out his story.

It was a cold day in February back in 2019. What I thought would be a regular morning turned out to be a life-changing situation for me. Instead, of getting some coffee, I woke up with a strange feeling on my right side. That pain later turned out to be a heart attack! It was something completely unexpected as I was no smoker and I practiced cycling regularly. This heart attack left me in the hospital for about three weeks. During that time, I had the opportunity to think about health and life, and what would I do to prevent another attack from happening.

As many people used to say, we are not the same person when we have experienced a life-threatening situation. I had a mountain bike and I simply enjoyed riding it. When the time came for a holiday, I went with my family to Santa Rosa Beach – Florida. As it was a habit of mine, I used to visit all the bike shops and see what is new and what is there to improve my bike and the entire cycling process. What precisely caught my eye was a Trek E-bike. Instantly wanted to try it out. So I did. And the feeling of getting on the E-bike was pretty amazing and unique. However, at the time, it was just above my budget.

But, the feeling and the impression I had when I was on that bike was just what I needed to improve my health. I knew that it was time to change my beloved mountain bike with an E-bike. So, I decided to do some research and find something that will fit my budget and the requirements. That is how I found out about Himiway e-bikes.

The Himiway's offer was and still is varied and interesting, there are a lot of options that everyone can find their pick. So, based on the positive reviews, in December 2020, I decided to get myself the long-awaited E-bike. It came in January 2021, and since then, we are inseparable friends. Just in the first year, I have crossed more than 4200 miles with it.

So, if you are thinking of getting yourself an E-bike, don’t look further. Let your choice be Himiway!