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10,000 Miles on My Himiway Cruiser

“From the First Through (Definitely Not) the Last: 10,000 Miles on My Himiway Cruiser”

Why do you ride your Himiway? Is it for the thrill of the road? For commuting to work? Or, perhaps, is because it is just so dang fun. For Ron Cohen, thrill and enjoyment was found in the very first mile. And the second, third, fourth…all the way up through his 10,000th mile on his Himiway Cruiser (yes, you read that correctly). While biking the equivalent mileage of riding from LA to New York 3.5 times, Ron has found that riding his Cruiser has become a pleasurable necessity. We had the opportunity to discuss this astounding accomplishment with Ron.

Q: How did you get involved in the Himiway community, and what made you choose Himiway?

A: When I was doing my research over two years ago, I decided to get an ebike and I started to gravitate towards Himiway. Then, I joined their user group. When I first bought my Himiway, I got really super geeky about the thing. I was doing a ton of research, and I just kept coming back to the Himiway in terms of the price and the features. One thing I learned early on when researching ebikes, and even today, there’s a price benefit relationship that I think is unsurpassed by Himiway.

Q: Reaching 10,000 miles is quite the achievement. How were you able to do it? Was there anything about your Cruiser that you needed to change while reaching this milestone?

A: When I got to the 10,000-mile mark, it was on Monday (July 25th, 2022). I took a picture of the odometer and posted on the user group. I bet I got to the first 5000 miles in eight or nine months. It slowed down a little bit, just more because of the weather and whatnot, but it's just been a great, durable bike. I've had to replace the brake pads a couple of times; I changed out both tires. The chain is the original chain (which I keep oiled), but there are two upgrades I did early on. One is I upgraded to a 1000-watt battery. The other thing that I did, which was really a great idea because the problem I have is I don’t just like riding, I like pedaling. I don't like to ride without pedaling, and I found at a higher pedal assist level where I can gain speed, that I wasn't able to get any real torque even in gear seven. I put a larger chain ring on the bike, and it was easy to sub out. Now, my average speed is about 25 miles an hour, I'm pedaling the entire time, and getting a good workout. So, how do you get to 10,000 miles in 20 months? Well, that's 500 miles a month if I'm going 25 miles at a ride, I'm going on 20 rides a month, and that's about right, about 20 rides a month. 20 out of 30 days I'm on that bike.

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Q: What sort of experiences have you had while riding your Himiway? How has it changed your life?

A: I do it mostly for cardio. In fact, today (July 30th), I was riding pass a group of spandex wearing bikers and I just blow right by them. In fact, I have other friends who are e-bikers and want to go riding with me, but I go too fast for them. If I want to go for a joyride I will, but otherwise, I do this to get my workout in. I’ve had bad knees for years, it’s bone on bone in my knees. Before ebikes, I was just on a regular bike, and of course, I could never do 25 miles. My Himiway has been invaluable. Also, for me as a business owner and having a lot of things going on, and I like to think when I’m on the bike. It’s a stress reliever. I find that I can take antianxiety medicine, or I can ride my Himiway. It clears my head; I’ve thought of more great ideas while being on that bike for an hour and a half and ways to solve problems. The days that I don't ride, I don't feel as good. I have to get my ride in the morning at some point. I'm pretty young, 64. I see a lot of people older than me that are out there riding bikes. I mean, some really old people just ride regular bikes. There's no reason why I couldn't be riding a bike even 20 years from now. I feel this is the healthiest thing I do every day. Today you should've seen me! I got back home, and I was drenched in sweat—I got a good workout in an hour. That's so much more fun than going on a stationary bike or going into the gym on a treble, which I do belong to a gym.

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Q: What recommendations would you give to other e-bikers or someone looking to buy an ebike?

A: When I hit 5000 miles, people were tagging their friend (on my Facebook post) and saying, hey, look, this speaks to the durability of this ebike. My friends all know me as an e-biker, and if they're in the market, they'll ask me questions about this or that. I've met a couple of owners of ebike rental stores and once I get talking, they know that I'm kind of brand aware. I tend to push this brand [Himiway]. It's just been a great two years. Now I know given the extra durability, there are a lot of people that don't understand this long range ebike; they don't research it. I know people that have spent five, six, $7,000 on an Ebike that's not as good as Himiway. Now, if they want to drop that much for a specific brand for whatever reason, so be it, but most of the time, it's just they don't realize it. My point is that Himiway has been able to still hold its position from both quality and a good price point still to this day.