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Electric bikes have made commuting around busy streets and cities easier. Most riders have fallen in love with cycling and have made it part of their daily routine. Others have attested that their electric bike has become their primary mode of transport for exercising and running errands.

With Himiway bikes, you can cover long distances quickly, thanks to their top speed and long range. Over the years, Himiway has been helping its owners meet their riding needs by producing unique models of ebikes.

Himiway has supported its consumers and encouraged them to share their experiences with their electric bikes as a company that genuinely cares about its customers and constantly strives to improve.

How Himiway changed Jerod's life

Jerod is a teacher and lives with his wife and three sons in Boise, Idaho. He first heard about Himiway from his coworker who rides the Himiway Cruiser daily to school. Then he and his wife got their Cruiser bikes and began riding along the river in Boise on the Green Belt. For Jerod, it is relaxing and a great way to get outside and enjoy nature.

One of his favorite parts of owning an Himiway bike is the ability for him to commute to and fro from school effortlessly. For him, it's great to wake up in the morning and relax while pedaling, and it helps him decompress after a long day teaching as he pedals home. Also, Jerod and his wife ride around to the Saturday market and other events in Boise. 

"I've noticed it's had a really good impact on my mental health."

With his Himiway ebike, Jerod isn't worried about his bike's range as its batteries can last for about 60 to 70miles. Furthermore, as Jerod gets older, one benefit of riding a Himiway ebike is that other athletic activities have become hard on his body. Hence, riding an ebike is something he can do as he gets older.

Himiway Cruiser, your best choice for a commuter bike

Commuting ebike | Himiway

For Jerod, the Himiway Cruiser is the best commuter ebike. He uses it to ride around town, run errands, and go to school and the market. The Cruiser has a superior and long-standing battery that allows Jerod to run about 60 miles around his vicinity without stress.

These bike types are also beneficial to seniors since the strong motor helps to ride successfully on various terrains and steep inclines, and the batteries allow you to travel conveniently. 

The Himiway Cruiser Long Range Fat Tire Electric Bike battery is removable, allowing easy charging and maintenance. Its fat tires give Jerod a firm grip and stability. While the bike's frame gives the required comfort, making it perfect for all terrains. Also, the bike has an LCD and USB charging, in which you can check your mileage details and charge your devices. Furthermore, this long-range electric bike has a 6061 Aluminum Frame that is strong as it can handle extra pressure and weight. The Himiway Cruiser also has a two-year warranty. 

Benefits of Jerod's Himiway Cruiser

For Jerod, his Himiway Cruiser has impacted his life positively. Below are some of the ways his ebike has helped him:

  • Long-range and easy commuting around the City

The Cruiser ebike is best for city trips and casual riding. As a commuter electric bicycle, it can double as a travel or adventure bike on weekends and weekdays. Jerod's Cruiser has wide tires that support his weight and gives stability. Additionally, since you can travel farther and quicker than on a regular bike, your weekend road trips will be much more fascinating.

Usually, these commuter bikes have sturdy frames and rear racks to carry belongings. Its tires are best for seniors who enjoy mountain and commuter riding. Also, Himiway Cruiser's large battery large capacity makes your riding mileage reach 60 miles or more. With his bike, Jerod can get to work faster without stress, thanks to its five levels of pedal assist. Speed alone won't necessarily shorten your commute, though. Using an ebike can avoid traffic jams and waste time while attempting to park. This commuter upgraded motor can reach a speed of 23MPH or more quickly.

You don't want your e-bike to vibrate and your hands to shake with every bump when riding on bumpy roads and challenging terrain. Luckily, the Cruiser Bike is a fat-tire e-bike for all cyclists, including seniors, with the alloy front suspension fork, lockout, and adjustment that make riding comfortable.

Additionally, you get front and rear fenders when you purchase your Cruiser ebikes. With their powerful performance and convenience, these will aid in preventing dirt from spilling onto your electric bike. 

Relaxation through electric bicycles | Himiway
  • The Himiway electric bike helps to relax and decompress after work

The enjoyable and relaxing ebike biking experience will make you love cycling. Jerod uses his ebike to transport himself to and from school daily. Another benefit Himiway brings to Jerod is that it also influences and improves his mental health.

With an e-bike, even short journeys can be more enjoyable, especially when carrying back a lot of bags from tasks like grocery shopping. You may quickly tuck those away in your bicycle rack and continue traveling. At the same time, the surrounding landscape and fresh air will stimulate and refresh your mind, leaving you feeling awake and even rejuvenated after the journey.

Jerod feels relaxed and decompressed while riding his ebike. Riding an e-bike can be so enjoyable that you might not even be aware that you're working out, but you are. In addition, exercising is a terrific technique to relieve stress and fight depression, as it has numerous positive effects on your physical health. It controls your thoughts, keeps you active, and lessens stress and anxiety. With the pedal assist features, e-bikes allow you to exert less energy pedaling than you would on a standard bicycle.

Exercise through e-biking | Himiway
  • Encourages Jerod to exercise 

As Jerod gets older, engaging in some physical sports can be hard on his body. Thus, he considers riding an ebike a good option since it's a low-impact aerobic exercise. Most people are unaware that riding a bike also works for your entire body. However, a non-impact circular motion will engage your ankles, knees, and hips when you pedal. While riding an ebike requires using the upper body, which includes the neck, shoulders, wrists, and elbows.

You can gradually lose your ability to take pleasure in some of the other things you used to undertake, such as long-distance running or walking. Electric bikes are customized appropriately to meet your lifestyle and offer significant health advantages. For seniors, it helps them focus on and enhance their health and welfare by using e-bikes as a convenient form of transportation. However, electric bikes are a simple and practical form of transportation because of the additional electric power they provide.

Electric pedal aid on e-bikes provides you with the extra push you need to keep up your desired speed while riding. Since everyone has a different preferred speed, Himiway ebikes offer various levels of pedal help. Moreover, this implies that you can comfortably acquire the boost you require at your pace.

A soft saddle with extra padding, especially for seniors, can help you stay balanced and prevent soreness while you ride. The Velo soft saddle of the Himiway Cruiser is crafted with the ideal width to provide an incredible riding experience.

Best fat tire electric bike | Himiway


Many ebike owners can relate to Jerod's Himiway story. Himiway's mission is to give riders everywhere the best outdoor cycling experience. Himiway is the long-range expert of the all-terrain fat tire ebike brand, creating premium ebikes with top-notch features to provide its customers with happiness to accomplish their cycling needs. Purchase an ebike right away for the best riding experience.