Himiway E-bike promotion - the biggest discount


We want everyone to experience the thrill of Himiway electric bikes. So, from November 8th onwards, we’re offering a $400 discount when you buy two e-bikes for you and your riding partner. Because it’s double the fun when you ride side by side. If you prefer riding solo, we’ll take off $150 from the asking price on single e-bikepu rchases. We’re proud to offer one of the best discounts in the e-bike industry. You want to go explore somewhere?

We’ll get you there!

Trekking through woods and hiking up trails gets tougher with age, but that doesn’t mean your eagerness for adventure diminishes. Forget tiresome peddling up rough terrain and putting yourself at risk of injury. Our e-bikes aren’t just pretty. They’re rugged machines that will take you where you want, regardless of the terrain.

Exploring with your family and friends has never been easier. Meet our lineup of exciting fat tire e-bikes Himiway Escape A compact moped-style e-bike that’s ready to help you get away. Escape the city and find the forests, rivers, and mountains. Wherever you want to go, the Himiway Escape will get you there with its 750W of motor power, a 7-speed gear mechanism, and an impressive 45-mile range.

Note: There are only limited top 500 panic buying opportunity for the discounts. first come, first served! You can get a discount on all bikes, except for Escape.

Himiway Cruiser

  • The cruiser is designed to tackle all terrains. It is built for those who like to go further,
  • with 750W of motor power to get you through the tricky spots. Oh, and did we mention a 60-mile range on one single charge?

Himiway Cruiser Step-Through

Designed to provide the same level of adventuring and fun as the standard cruiser but with a step-through design for easy access. You get the same 750W motor power and 60-mile range on a single charge. All the power with extra comfortability.

Why fat tires improve your riding experience.

 At Himiway, we specialize in manufacturing class-2 e-bikes for all terrains. We know what makes a good riding experience, and that’s why we are proud to only produce fat tire e-bikes that will serve you well whether you’re facing rocks, muddy paths or smooth asphalt. There is no fishing area, camping spot, or viewpoint you can’t reach. Our e-bikes make it so that exploration is available to everyone.

Earn Himi points and collect the rewards We don’t just launch incredible promotions; we also offer an ongoing points opportunity that rewards you for shopping with Himiway. Earn 1 Himi point for every $1 spent, and you can also earn 200 Himi points for registering an account. We’ll also send you 2,000 Himi points on your birthday.

We’ll take off $1 on any Himiway bike or accessory purchase for every 100 points.

We’ve got your covered We don’t like the thought of you riding without protection, so we throw in a 2-year warranty with all our e-bikes for extra comfort. Also, we’ll never leave you stranded.

Through our excellent partner Velotooler, Himiway will send a mechanic to your doorstep to fix any issue and get you back up and running with friends and family.

The serious bit - To qualify for our promotional campaign, you must register an account, so we can send you the discount code and pay via PayPal. Simple and easy!

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