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A Beginner's Guide To Himiway Cruiser Electric Bike

When we see people riding electric bikes on the street, it looks simple-just to keep your bicycle running, right? They are so cool just like happy fish, which makes you want to try. But sometimes you might find yourself thinking, "Wait, I am a novice, can I learn?"

Himiway Electric Bike

The truth is that once you ride on your first journey, you will be attracted by the delight, freedom and adventure that electric bikes bring to you on the road. Getting started is easy, and it is not as difficult as you think. Thanks to the pedal-assist system, electric bikes provide a sense of security for beginners and make it traveling faster and farther than ever before.

So how do I start? To help you, we have collected and sorted some tips on how to start cycling for beginners so you can cycle with more confidence.

1. Choose an all-terrain e-bike you like

Of course, the first step is that you need a right and handsome electric bicycle. For beginners, Himiway Cruiser and Himiway Cruiser Step-Thru are good choices. First of all, they are all-terrain electric fat bikes, which can help you ride on any terrain, with fat tires and extended battery life. Whether you are cycling on a flat city street or cycling on complex terrain, it can be easily competent. Besides, just like choosing a perfect pair of running shoes, you first need to make sure whether the bicycle size can match your height. The recommended rider heights of Himiway electric bicycle is 5'3 "-6'4". Finally, compared to other electric bicycles, it is cheaper and more cost-effective.

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2. About assembly

After getting your electric bike, the first step is of course unboxing. Are you looking forward to it? Sure! Now open the box, you will see all the accessories of the electric bicycle, which needs us to assemble. Then it's time to test your good practical ability, and I believe it will not trouble you! For specific assembly steps, please refer to the instruction manual. Also, there are installation videos on our website and YouTube. You can have a look if you have time.

3. Check your bike

Congratulations, you have now acquired an awesome all-terrain electric bike! So now check to see if everything is working properly in your car, including LCD, batteries, shift levers, brakes, pedals ...

4. Ride Himiway

OK, everything is normal after checking, then you can wear your helmet and push your bicycle to a flat ground without obstacles.

Before starting to ride, please make sure that you are firmly mounted on your electric bicycle. Then use your both hands to hold onto the handlebars, at the same time, the most important thing is that remember to be ready to squeeze the brake levers(It will help you a lot when necessary).

Are you ready to ride with power assist now? If you are ready, at first, please turn on the switch for power. All of our electric bicycles come with an easy-to-use display in the middle of the handlebar. By pressing the button on your left handlebar, you can control the LCD system, set the initial speed, and so on.

We suggest that you should start with a low setting, such as the default level 1, and then you can slowly twist the half-grip twist power assist on your right handlebar. After you get used to it, you can start pedaling, at the same time, you also can release the throttle (Of course, if you want to spare your energy, just use the throttle without pedaling, which is also a good choice). When you stop pedaling, because of the pedal-assist power, your bicycle will keep moving for a few seconds. At this time, you can choose to squeeze the brake levers to immediately cut the pedal assist off.

5. Forget turning off the switch for power?

When you turn off the lights and go to bed, suddenly you find that you forget turning off the switch of Himiway e-bike, should you get up? Don’t worry! Just leave it alone, because it will automatically shut down a few minutes later without any operation, which indeed helps us solve the problem of forgetting turning off the power.

6. Maintenance

A good electric bike will change your life. The HIMIWAY team has gathered up some useful tips about the basic maintenance of electric bicycles. The most important thing a cyclist can do is learning to keep your bike a good condition. So don’t forget to study these tips carefully! Click here for details.